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  1. I got 7 wrong for a Verbal score of 164.
  2. I'm a bit confused about what's confusing you. Your score would have been a larger number, but it wouldn't have been a higher score. The concordance table tells you that a score of 640 on the old 200-800 scale corresponds to a score of 151 on the new 130-170 scale. That is, ETS have calculated that they are equivalent, insofar as the two can actually be compared. As I gather, what you really need to understand is your percentile score. In this case, both 151 on the new scale and 640 on the old scale correspond to a percentile rank of 56.
  3. I haven't received anything in the mail, but my schools have already received official score reports from ETS.
  4. Nothing. Does that not simply mean that institutions must receive an official score report from ETS (for just an extra $23 a time, please!)?
  5. I got access to the GRE Diagnostic Service this morning, after having been in the first batch of Revised GRE scores released (test sat 09/01). As it turns out, I got 7 questions wrong on the Verbal measure. Out of all the practice tests, I think that's easily the worst test I've sat. The second Verbal section had a much higher number of difficult questions, but the questions I got wrong weren't all the more difficult ones; some were of only median difficulty, and I got the vast majority of the more difficult ones right. I'm now even more confused about why my actual score has turned out so much lower than even the lowest in the given range (700-800 on the day, with an actual score equivalent of 660/670, i.e., 164/94%). Is it more damaging to your score to get median-level questions wrong than it is to get higher-level questions wrong?
  6. I submitted 6 of 8 this morning. I'll submit the last two when I get a chance to rework my statements at the weekend. Then I'm going to try to forget about all of this. No thinking about ways I could have improved my statement. No worrying about what's going to happen in spring. These things have taken over my life for so long now. I cannot wait for freedom and the head space to properly focus on my work and being a person again. Come on, weekend...
  7. They don't show up because they're not yet official. For one, your Analytical Writing section needs to be graded before you can receive your official scores. When things get back to the normal score reporting process, as it seems they may already have, ETS claim the delay between testing and score reporting should be in the region of 10 -15 days. Someone who sat the old GRE would more likely be able to tell you if there's any chance those scores will change. See here: http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/scores/get
  8. I tested on 9/01. The ranges I was given on the day were Q: 720-800 V: 700-800 My actual scores were Q: 158 (79th) V: 164 (94th) W: 4.5 (72nd) !!!!! I really couldn't understand how my verbal range was so bad on the day. Now it's even lower; that score equates with a 660/670 on the prior scale. And the writing score... I really don't want to have to re-sit this thing.
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