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  1. According to the website, CSULB has a June 1st deadline for Fall 2013.
  2. I'm looking at California State Universities that have online MPA programs since they are relatively inexpensive (compared to $60K+ for USC and others). Plus I like the flexibility of the online program. Not that it matters, but I live in LA and am looking at CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Northridge and CSU Long Beach. I know most of the people posting are going to/applying to big name schools but there have to be others like me who are looking elsewhere and even considering distance learning. Has anyone taken the CSU online MPA route? Or considering it?
  3. I know I've asked this before and have gotten some great feedback. I'm getting close to having to submit mine and was wondering if anyone could give it a look? I'm applying to MPA programs for the Fall. Greatly appreciated!
  4. That does make more sense, thank you. Hopefully the rest of my application is strong enough to balance out those scores. I'm not applying to any top schools so I'm not super worried. Thanks again for your responses!
  5. Thank you for the responses. I guess it's just weird to me that I'd have a 6XX "pretty good" score that translates to the 56%ile and a 5XX "average score" in the 86%ile. Disappointing to say the least.
  6. But I'm confused. So I took the new GRE for the first time this weekend and I'm trying to understand my scores. I'm using http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/concordance_information.pdf that ETS provides to compare to the old test. V: 159 (84%) Q: 151 (56%) eeps I know. Except, when I look at the corresponding scores form the old GRE it says: V: 590 Q: 640 So I would have had a higher math score on the old test?
  7. I just posted a new thread but maybe this is place I should have come to originally... I'd like to do an SoP review/exchange. I'm applying to MPA programs for Fall 2012.
  8. Just finished a draft of my statement of purpose for MPA programs (applying for Fall 2012). Been out of ug for over 3 years now so could use some editing help/input. Would be willing to read yours as well. Thanks!
  9. I am applying to a variety of Master of Public Admin. (MPA) programs for Fall of 2012. I've been out of undergrad for over 3 years and have worked full time for two different health related nonprofits (I would like to emphasize in health administration). I'm having a difficult time constructing an SoP that doesn't come off as too cheesey/corney when explaining my desire to work in the nonprofit field and especially health (as I have worked with many chronically ill adults and children, managing an array of free health programming). But this is my passion and I want to make that very clear with
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