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  1. snes

    Applying for Fall 2015

    In my day (2012 Fall), Columbia accepted some musicology/theory folks without interviews and rejected at least one person who was invited to interview. That person was me. I'm not bitter. Nope.
  2. Congratulations! I'm in my second year at UChicago (primarily theory) and I'm very happy with my choice. PM me if you'd like...otherwise, see you on visit day?
  3. what likely kept me out an unfocused statement of purpose that more emphasized my well-roundedness than my scholarly interests and goals. applying to mostly bad-fit schools. The only things I changed on the second go-around were my SoPs and the schools I applied to. I got in contact with everyone at every school, but I don't think it helped me just for the sake of the contact - it was more helpful for me to guage if I'd be a good fit with a school. After all, I barely exchanged more than one email in each case.
  4. Hi there Fall '12 buddy!
  5. For what it's worth, I was rejected across the board my first go around, then accepted to some pretty great places my second time. After my first year, I can definitely say it was an excellent decision to reapply.
  6. don't mind me, just wandered back here for some nostalgia......

  7. maybe I should, you know, pack.

  8. This time last year I was neck-deep in two giant spreadsheets -- one for grad school apps and one for job apps. And "recovering" from the East Coast earthquake.
  9. snes

    Chicago, IL

    for comparison, I applied late April for mid-September move-in and haven't received an offer yet. I've been living in summer bliss not thinking about the upcoming upheaval, so I almost DON'T want to get an offer too soon!
  10. I'll most likely be there! Thanks for reminding me...should probably ask about funding and other such things...
  11. AAH okay, I applied for second week of Sept. Good luck! Humanities Division was all like "You'll get your ID in late May!" too but maybe they're still working through the pile. I emailed today anyway, but I wonder if anyone works the week after commencement. I'm starting to get the same nervous/excited feeling I used to get from January - April when I'd see "Inbox (1)"!
  12. I haven't heard back yet, although I waited quite long (end of April) to apply for UC apartments. I've been fretting because I don't even have a student ID yet, but they just had commencement so I'm waiting until tomorrow to bug them. I haven't heard a single thing from them, actually, since I accepted their offer. *nervous laughter* I visited the area in February when they were in a warm spell and in April when they were in a warm spell so when real Chicago winter comes, I will die. I've started to watch Game of Thrones recently and hyperbolizing my fear of winter has come easily.
  13. I have not heard a peep from my school since I accepted their offer. I check almost daily to make sure I did indeed accept their offer!!

    1. rsgoldjw


      very good, it's very useful to me, thank you very much!

    2. comp12


      Paranoia about all the mundane things regarding school. Sounds like me as well!

  14. *adds all of them to amazon wishlist* Thanks guys!
  15. aaaaaaah I couldn't help myself! Musicology?? I SHALL BE THE MOST VERSATILE OF ALL! Just ya'll wait! I mean, of course I'm getting a tenure-track job!
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