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  1. Did anyone get an upgrade from a PGSD to a CGSD?
  2. Congrats to the winners! I got notified on Friday as well - PGS-D3.
  3. Anyone else in the process of applying?
  4. Sorry, I hadn't seen that you found the answer before my post! You have a better change at CGS-D now that you've gotten CGS-M so don't count yourself out! Congrats!!
  5. "In order to take advantage of the full value and duration of the award, award recipients who are already enrolled in their program of study are encouraged to take up their award on the earliest available start date; otherwise, it is possible that they may complete their degree before the end of the award. In this case, they will be required to terminate the award (refer to the section Termination of Award)." http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/Guides-Guides/CGSMAward-BESCMaward_eng.asp, under "Start Date"
  6. I think I've read somewhere that you should accept in May if you're already enrolled in graduate school.
  7. For the CCV, where did you guys put your volunteer research experience (i.e. your RA experiences in labs where you weren't paid)?
  8. ^ I believe offers already went out. A friend of mine received her offer.
  9. I got the same response from my POI at one school after they said they were taking on someone *facepalm*.
  10. Is anyone going to the Queen's open house next week?
  11. Could the person who received the wait list notification from their POI at the University of Toronto (Developmental Psych) please PM me? Thanks!
  12. There's also this article that's relevant: Stenstrom, D. M., Curtis, M., & Iyer, R. (2013). School Rankings, Department Rankings, and Individual Accomplishments What Factors Predict Obtaining Employment After the PhD?. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 8(2), 208-217
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