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  1. I haven't recieved my ranking yet. I am in Ottawa.
  2. I would assume that we will hear back not before May (if ranked high enough on the alternate list), since funds won't be available unless people start rejecting the offer (and usually they have around a month to do so).
  3. The process this year seems very disorganized. Based on the auto-reply that we have received via email, our rankings should be emailed in mid April. So, I believe that it's another letter.
  4. The ranking is usually send via snail mail, and you get it end of April.
  5. I just figured out from my university administrator that I am waitlisted. Good luck everyone.
  6. Also, it wouldn't make sense that some applicant got the decision via email and some didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a mistake on their end.
  7. In addition to the auto reply, I got an actual reply stating the same thing: Hello, The letters with the results of the 2019 PGSD competition were mailed last Friday. Thanks, Scholarships and Fellowships Division
  8. Yes, I did mention that I didn't received an email regarding the decision for my application.
  9. schol@nserc-crsng.gc.ca
  10. Maybe if everyone emails them with an inquiry, they would realize that there is a mistake on their end
  11. I just got the same reply as well. I dont think they even realize that some of us didnt get the decision notice.
  12. This is just a speculation, don't take my word for it.
  13. It seems that whatever been sent so far is PGS2 and CGS mainly...haven't heard of PGS3 yet, so hoping more acceptances will be sent out on Monday
  14. Is there a possibility that they dont send out all the results today?
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