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  1. I got CDS-D3...My selection committee was Civil and Industrial Engineering. 1) Academic score - 21.75/30 2) Research potential - 40/50 3) Leadership -9.5/20 I am a Mechanical Engineer and hold a masters in Mechanical Engg and a MBA. I had 9+ years of work experience. None of my degrees were from Canada. I became a PR last year. That's when I decided to do my PhD..
  2. I also received my rank today.
  3. Just received... CGS(D) for three years...am from University of Waterloo
  4. Congratulations to those who received the email. I have not received anything yet.
  5. 2.52 PM here ...Don't think they will send the email today.
  6. As some one posted earlier, may be they are publishing the results by mid April
  7. Nothing even today as well..🤗
  8. Mine also shown as received
  9. The last week of March starts tomorrow 😊..
  10. This is the message from Graduate Studies at UWaterloo.. As per the NSERC website – results are typically released near the end of March. Sometimes it is not until the beginning of April
  11. Waiting... My application is forwarded from University of Waterloo..
  12. Hey, Any one knows when the results will be out?
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