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  1. Finally found out I'm waitlisted; now to wait another week for the rank 🙄
  2. Ahh, an indirect government subsidy then. Now it makes sense.
  3. What year is this that Canada Post delivers more information than emails do?
  4. But they explicitly said the letters would have rankings lmao what are they even doing
  5. I think its definitely at least by committee cause that's how we were ranked, but I don't know about the institution balance...
  6. Yeah, I'm less than impressed.... Thanks to everyone who posted anything they knew here though - I would've been so lost otherwise. For some reason I thought being a direct applicant to NSERC would mean less bureaucratic confusion but turns out it's just no communication at all lmao
  7. I'm still waiting on my blue text email...
  8. I'm not UoT, but from the activity here today - if you didn't get anything in your email yet, your best bet is to check with your department
  9. Mostly CGSM results. Some announcements for PGSD, but unclear if they got their results last Friday and didn't get around to alerting their PIs before today
  10. I caved and sent them an email.
  11. Sorry to hear that - thanks for sticking with us and letting us know. Too bad us direct applicants don't have administrators to badger..
  12. I almost laughed out loud. They're just messing with us. Thanks for the info.
  13. That makes sense - looking at last year's discussion board people on the waitlist knew they were waitlisted. If it's scenario 1, I think we're all getting antsy cause it's past noon and we expected them to be working this morning. If it's scenario 2.... would inundating them with emails help them realize there is an issue or just confuse and delay further?
  14. That makes me really nervous cause I'm living in a dorm room in the US and my mail gets delayed pretty easily.. not everyone is always in a position to receive and reply to a letter. This is ridiculous.
  15. Ahh, I remember the Tricouncil Master's awards being announced at midnight through the portal on the determined date. I'm surprised what a mess this is...
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