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  1. Congrats! Do you mind telling us your ranking? Thanks!
  2. Still haven't received my ranking... Am I the only one? I live in Montreal.
  3. I get the impression from speaking to people that a lot of those rankings/scores are really subjective, likely made by people who don't know anything about your field. And it is really frustrating and often unfair. But you are doing well in your career, and that is what ultimately matters the most, not some random people's judgement of you!
  4. NSERC said in their auto reply that they will mail the rankings in mid April. According to someone on this thread, the ranking is by committee. This is all I know.
  5. Yup exactly what I got too.
  6. No not email. It was snail mail.
  7. McGill. But the letter I received is directly mailed from NSERC. I live in Montreal, if that helps.
  8. Also got letter and on the alternate list. But didn't receive ranking.
  9. Let us know if you find out!
  10. I've been asking the same thing: Someone answered:
  11. Where/how did you get this information? Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know how the waitlist work? Are everyone ranked together, or is it by department/institution/committee? So e.g. if a biology student at UBC declined their scholarship and I'm in physics at McGill and am next in line on the overall ranking, do I get the scholarship? Or does a student in my department/institution/committee have to decline and only then I get the scholarship?
  13. So I spoke to my department again, and they told me that out of 15 people in our department who applied this year, 3 got a scholarship and 2 others got waitlisted. So if you are waitlisted, it still means you did pretty good. They also told me that there is a fair chance of getting it if you're waitlisted, depending on your position on the list.
  14. It's my guess. It's only a guess.
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