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  1. Finally got rejected. Committee 202 (mechanical). Best wishes to people still in waitlist. Time to get prepared for my last chance next year.
  2. Thanks for your information. Does it mean I will be the last to know the results?
  3. Empty folder still. Committee 202 (mechanical).
  4. Still waiting for the email. Last name Z😢
  5. I applied directly. Just got my rejection letter😥. Didn't mention ranking. Good luck!
  6. Just sent them email and got the same auto-reply😣
  7. Anyone applied directly to NSERC got notifications? Checking my inbox every 5 seconds..
  8. I did send an inquiry email. Let's assume that's true and take a break.
  9. Got an email from NSERC saying the results will be out in mid-April.
  10. Still waiting. I applied directly to NSERC. Fingers crossed!
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