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  1. I'd love to help out too especially with IR folks. PM me!
  2. Thanks! Also congrats about ND again. That is an awesome place! Certainly was a difficult decision for me.
  3. Took my name off of the Princeton waitlist for IR. Turned down Chicago and ND too.
  4. The OSU visit was pretty amazing. The department is criminally underrated at least is the US News rankings. They have amazing people doing just about everything extremely well.
  5. Officially committed to Ohio State today after the visit! So excited.
  6. From to looks of it ND Security Studies seems to be on the up and up. Lots of offers out and people coming in.
  7. Received my OSU funding today. Received the Dean's Fellowship. 25k year/ 5 years.
  8. Yeah 18k is still a huge amount for South Bend. 26k is the equivalent of 77k in Palo Alto. Man this is going to be a tough decision to make.
  9. Received an email saying I was accepted as a Presidential Fellow at ND. 26k Stipend- 5 years Health Insurance Extra travel funds for conferences From the sounds of the email subsidized campus apt housing This is pretty amazing especially for South Bend.
  10. Pretty sure I'm going to pick to go to Ohio State if I dont hear back from Princeton or Duke. That methods program is too good to pass up. Plus the addition of Gelpi makes it that much better. Still have my visits to do though so we'll see. (Plus being from Ohio and wanting to go to a crap ton of football and bball games would be sweeeet)
  11. I still definitely think it is right up there with MIT and Columbia if you want to do Security Studies. I dont think many places offer a better committee than Mearsheimer, Pape, and Staniland (plus other people at the Harris school like bdm) The reason I post this as an undergrad is that I'm just worried about the future of the department going forward. I want to see it continue being the place people go to to study security both at a grad and undergrad level because it is the best. Chicago used to be poli sci and I want it to get back to that.
  12. Oh awesome! Good luck. Mearsheimer is the dude if you wanna study IR theory.
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