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  1. Greetings, just heard from my labmate that they just got turned down today The responses are probably rolling out now then.
  2. Go over all the material before hand and try and think of questions the students may come up with so you can be ready for them. If you don't know something don't sweat it! TAs do not know everything! Someone said above to "Be annoyed with teaching" and though this sounds weird, it kind of works! When you are scared of teaching it is mainly because you feel inadequate. I can remember that was what I went through my first day! But as I became more comfortable it did sort of become annoying - because in a weird way it means that you are totally comfortable with it. Been there, done that you know
  3. Hi Mo! The way some classes are taught it is just so hard to study for them! That and, for myself, being out the school for the last 3 years has made the transition back a bit hard! But I am glad to see you are transferring to a new program better suited for you That is a really hard decision to make in the messiness that is the 1 st year of grad school!! I am so ready for the summer! Good luck with it all!
  4. Great advice guys!! I didn't start thinking about my committee (in my 1st year) until recently and good thing I did because I found out there is are some 'chemistry' issues! Small stuff but still, good to know for picking a fun, cohesive bunch!
  5. Arrrrrrgh!! No go this year, now I wait for the reviews. Dang! You know, looking back, I knew my app was not ready, I was so green! There is still next year for me and my research interests have changed and become more fleshed out in those few months since I applied Congrats to everyone who got and award and honorable mention - y'all are rockstars!!!
  6. Backpack all the way. I tend to get neck/back issues if the weight is unevenly distributed. I just picked up an awesome REI one for $7!!!!! Weeeeeeeee
  7. Almost here almost here!

  8. This thread is so much fun! It is getting me even more excited for the move! But like many, I am moving across the country and so I am wrestling with what to take, what to leave, what to buy...this move might be really really expensive! I too get excited by the thought of a nice solid bookshelf! Practical and makes my brain say, 'OK, let's get started!' I've never had a big bookshelf for just me either so this will be fun! Now if only I can land an apartment and oh yes! Gotta get that plane ticket pronto!
  9. I might have found a potential roomie for this Fall!

  10. Uuuugh! Everyone told me to have a grand 'ole time my last summer before grad school but I can't! I need to make money for the move and apartment expenses, blah, blah, blah...so it's work for me, which isn't too bad. I've squashed two jobs in this summer field season and they have both taken me to parts of the country I have never seen before so that's something!
  11. There is too much corn out here!

    1. cogscipixie


      There's more than corn in Indiana ;)

  12. I haven't been here in a while!!! Well, I've been working in a place where I get no cell service and no internet unless I take myself to the local library and hook up to their wireless. My job however always got out late and I was usually hungry and so did not check my email for a while. Then one day in April we had a short day and I head over to the library. I see emails from my POI and in Gmail you can see the first few words of the email and it said something like 'I want to officially offer you admission to out graduate program etc etc' and I was freaking out!!! On the inside though beside
  13. They eat peanut butter burgers here in the midwest...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Langoustine


      No, true. A native told me about how it's real big with his fam and a burger joint has it on the freaking menu!!!

    3. newms


      ...as in no meat? Just peanut butter?

    4. Neuronista


      hmmmm. that makes a peanut butter sandwich in a burger bun?

  14. I think by now it is OK to email and ask. That's what I did and everyone responded very fast with updates. It turned out one of my school sent out a rejection letter that got lost in the mail and another is only waiting on funding. I think by this point it makes sense you feel like you should have heard something. Good luck!
  15. I just emailed my last 3 schools too. School A had sent my rejection letter a full month ago but it must have gotten lost in the mail so good thing I emailed! School B is still working on it and no response from School C. *Sigh* I just need one admit....and I want it now!!!!
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