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  1. So I didn't get it (committee 6). Onward to other things I guess (if I can find any...). Good luck everyone! It was nice waiting around with you. Who knows, maybe I'll be here next year. Cheers.
  2. Am I right that no one has reported back from committee 6 yet? Anyone else here waiting on it?
  3. I'm in the middle of a zoom conference session where I'm about to present. Will only check my account after. Not that I can concentrate on my presentation now...
  4. I just logged in to mine, and it was fine. Does it let you log in and then, once you're in your account, you get the message? If that's the case I wouldn't worry at all, since they're in the middle of uploading documents, creating folders etc. Especially if you have an existing account that needs to be changed. But if you can't log in, perhaps just contact their support? And I wouldn't worry in this case either, obviously it's a technical issue of accessing the account. They have your results, whatever they are, regardless. Most importantly, good luck with the results!
  5. My plan B is to keep applying for postdocs and faculty positions. I have a couple of publications that will come out this year/next so I'm giving myself one more year of trying, but my family situation limits me geographically so I know the odds are against me. Meanwhile - teaching. If I am unsuccessful in getting a decent academic job in a year or so, I will have to consider if I am prepared to keep on with precarious teaching positions forever or make a career change.
  6. Well, in the absence of actual results to talk about...: I think it's also a bit cruel to send us that email right before the weekend (right down in the middle of the weekend where I am, actually), giving us the 'gift' of anxiously waiting throughout the weekend
  7. Yep. Just received it too. Seems a bit odd, this advance 'warning'. Why not simply informing us when the results are available, and then include instructions on how to access them? Anyway, not complaining, it's good to know that next week we'll have results.
  8. I'm not sure the lottery ticket feeling is necessarily related to the quality of the proposal or how strongly you feel about it. I think it can feel like a lottery even if you're confident in your proposal. This is because even a very strong proposal can be read differently by different reviewers, for example. And also there is the sheer number of applicants that makes the whole thing so competitive that even great proposals are rejected. I'm not implying it's pure luck, not at all. But at this point so many months after writing the proposal just waiting to see the score and if you're in or no
  9. Oh, ok. That's news! Results to be sent electronically, and before the end of the month - very encouraging.
  10. Hi there, Does anyone know if there's any chance of getting the results via email? I currently live outside of Canada, so although I have a Canadian address where I can technically receive mail, I'm wondering if there's any chance they'll make an exception (special circumstances, outside of Canada, can't receive international mail where I am because of COVID, etc...).
  11. Hi all, Committee 6 applicant here (urban studies). I am ABD (about to defend in a couple of months) and currently starting a one year post-doc. If I get the SSHRC it would be my second post-doc. I applied to hold the fellowship in a university outside of Canada. Anyone else here in the same situation? Good luck everyone!
  12. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship competition 2020, applying for year 2021-2022
  13. Got a Vanier SSHRC Congrats to all the nominees and winners.
  14. Thanks for the update! Have a good evening everyone. Good luck.
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