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  1. ElySiae

    FRQSC 2020

    oh ok I got the award so maybe I cannot see it. it was just out of curiosity
  2. ElySiae

    FRQSC 2020

    Where do you see the number of awards given per committee ? I can only see my ranking
  3. Hello, I just started my PhD in political science and was wondering how many publications average PhD students have by the time of graduation in social sciences. I know productive publishing is crucial to land a TT job, but what does it concretely mean to be productive at publishing? Thanks!
  4. ElySiae

    Berkeley JSP program

    Nop, got rejected. Going for a MA instead
  5. any international student heard from York political science or socio-legal studies?
  6. I applied for McGill, York and Concordia. Haven't heard anything yet
  7. Anyone waiting to hear back from Canadian phd programs? The wait is killing me
  8. Anyone applied for phd in Political Science at Concordia? saw one MA admit
  9. when did you get the email? I received nothing so far...
  10. anyone claiming the York MA admit in poli science?
  11. ElySiae

    Berkeley JSP program

    anyone claiming the jsp acceptance?
  12. ElySiae

    Berkeley JSP program

    This program is my top choice! Whats your background?
  13. ElySiae

    Berkeley JSP program

    Hi, did anyone apply for the jurisprudence and social policy phd program at Berkeley? According to previous years' results, decisions should come out next week!
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