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  1. Is there a logic to this other than "find people who are knowledgeable in the area of and sympathetic to your specific dissertation topic" ? My university's handbook tells us to choose 5 committee members, specifying that a maximum of two can be chosen from outside the university. Why would that be a good plan? Is there some reason why you would WANT someone from outside the university given the added bureaucratic red tape and trouble for everyone involved? Reasons I can think of: Your university lacks people with the right expertise. Your beloved former adviser has moved to a d
  2. Just a quick update: Things are working out fairly well...so far. I *have* followed the excellent advice from the generous folks who commented (thank you again!!!): -spoke with the DGS -joined a dissertation working group -am slated to present my work in a few weeks -have *actually* been working in earnest on it! (it's coming as a surprise to me that I'm *actually* getting stuff done sans procrastination!) -bumped into my advisor who did seem to recognize me and be happy to see me! -As soon as my dissertation outline is done and I've presented (two weeks from now) and gotten a littl
  3. A much-too-brief-considering-the-scale-of-how-much-i-appreciate-your-excellent-responses: Whew! I agree with all of what you've said. I did break ground with the DGS and am going to be on campus next week to hand-in some of this stuff. What a huge help it has been to discuss this openly and get sound advice. THANK YOU!
  4. First off, THANK YOU (thank you, thank you, thank you) for your replies-- and for how detailed and well thought-out they were. ... WOW. Sparky... wtncffts...rainy_day.... I wish you had some idea how nice it was to see your replies, and how much I appreciate it. This is something I haven't told anyone, and you offered good counsel in a kind way. Thank you. My post was something of a mix between a confession (my dirty secret that few people outside of grad school would possibly understand) and an effort to get my own thoughts together by laying out the problem. I'm so glad that I did.
  5. HELP!!! ANY advice (constructive, positive) would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated. Is there ANY WAY to handle this gracefully? I've been MIA from my department-- and am worried they'll get rid of me once they realize i'm still around! I can't move forward without re-appearing-- but when i do, i'll have to 1) hand in delinquent work (Incompletes)-- that will be the first they hear from me; and 2) get advisor approval for my dissertation prospectus. No way around these. i know i've been stupid about all of this. .. I'm in my 3rd year (really 4th, but I've been on leave) i
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