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  1. Speaking as a current grad student, I do not mind these inquiries at all. I wouldn't understand what you mean by "worth of the program," though; while I'm sure you have a reasonable rationale and explanation (it is an important decision, and I remember the stress of making it!), I'd suggest rephrasing, since as is, I would both be unable to answer it and, yes, be a bit miffed.
  2. Yes, I really want to emphasize this. I applied twice; there were huge and concrete differences between my two applications for sure (a better statement, more focused research interests, a writing sample that fell in line with those research interests, a higher subject GRE, another conference), but please trust me when I say that luck, I believe, has a GREAT deal to do with things. The more I read about the job market, where things are even worse, the more I'm convinced of this; the difference between number of applicants and number of admits is just so stark that luck will invariably play a l
  3. Ladystardust: Sure. This is a hectic semester for me, so it may take me some time to get back to you, but please feel free to PM. And if you want to chat with me but worry about derailing the thread, feel free to chat via PM, too. Good luck, all!
  4. Ladystardust, since you do ask, my take on your CV design, your matching writing sample, and your matching statement of purpose is that it is both unnecessary and, yes, may well come off as gimmicky. And while I understand your instinct to use professor's papers to rewrite your writing sample, I wonder if that wouldn't also come across similarly. If you do end up needing to reapply, I'd strongly recommend just plain old white paper with black (standard) font, and I recommend for your writing sample simply working on writing your best and most thoroughly-researched piece, and making sure it acc
  5. Re: 1: Vomit and/or leak eye-juice all over everything, then buy cake. Re: 2: Vomit and/or leak eye-juice all over everything, then buy cake. #notthatidknow #hearditfromafriend No, but seriously: Best of luck to all of you!
  6. sure, just send me a PM. it's that time of the year, so I'm not sure I'll be able to be terribly detailed in my response, but I'm happy to read.
  7. I did TERRIBLY with personal statements when I applied, so I'm not going to give any advice on the nitty-gritty. I had not the faintest idea what I was doing and was pretty tempted to send this: "MY BIO = -> -> -> ." (Pro tip: don't do that.) But after some time in my program (fairly typical of me to only be able to figure out what to do after it is required, which bodes well, I'm sure, for the future), and coming from a feminist theory perspective myself, I think you actually have solid ground on which to talk about your parents in a personal statement (not a statement
  8. I'll echo proflorax. Please, no size 11 or any other assorted fiddlings. I've been there and trust me when I say I understand the frustration you're feeling (which never ends: I just sent in a long-shot conference abstract that's 250 words, and my guess is that it only gets worse!), but please also trust me when I say that everyone can tell something's been fiddled with. Also now speaking from the point-of-view of a TA, it's not just that folks can tell that something's different, but it's also that there are inevitably plenty of people who followed the guidelines to the letter: I can't help b
  9. I'm not familiar with the UCI program, but materiality's picking up a lot of steam now in a lot of different ways. Many people in my program (myself included!) are doing something along those lines. The relationship between that work and art history is more variable (some go that route, others don't--someone I know in my program is, whereas I'm not), but either way, especially with the print culture angle, I think you would not have trouble finding support. If you would like to know more about where I am, feel free to PM.
  10. I actually don't recommend reusing, even if permitted. You mention a lot of changes you've made in your application, and I think you'd want the letters to show that growth. My recommenders wrote letters for universities I reapplied to; they were glad that I added many new programs, but they didn't seem to take issue with the schools I chose to try for again. If you sensed a tone change, you may want to ask them if they have any reservations about any of the schools on your lists.
  11. Yes, in my experience, DGSes were happy to talk about placement. But I think something to consider is appropriate timing--in the case of these positive anecdotes (as well as my own experience), applicants ask these questions either during interviews or post-acceptance correspondence/visits. My two cents: I don't think applicants should be shy about asking questions that directly affect them, but I do think there are good times and bad times for those questions, and I am not entirely sure that "before you apply" is a good time. While I understand the desire to use this information for narro
  12. Hi there-- Reposting my previous message with no-logon-required links for the CHE forum threads (sorry about that!)-- "A Google search turns up a blog post by Ian Bogost (lit/sci prof, OOO studies at GA Tech) that might interest you: http://www.bogost.co...blication.shtml Two threads on the CHE forums may be of interest as well: http://chronicle.com/forums/index.php/topic,56653.0.html http://chronicle.com/forums/index.php/topic,90018.0.html Based on the above, I personally would not publish a chapter with this press, but YMMV, and beyond that I can't say much." (You menti
  13. A Google search turns up a blog post by Ian Bogost (lit/sci prof, OOO studies at GA Tech) that might interest you: http://www.bogost.com/blog/writeonly_publication.shtml Two threads on the CHE forums may be of interest as well: http://chronicle.com.proxy.library.emory.edu/forums/index.php/topic,90018.0.html http://chronicle.com.proxy.library.emory.edu/forums/index.php/topic,56653.0.html Based on the above, I personally would not publish a chapter with this press, but YMMV, and beyond that I can't say much.
  14. 1. The academic job market in the humanities is atrocious. Please, please Google this. Read everything that says "just don't go," "worst idea ever," "am on welfare," "didn't get a job," "am very depressed," "department in X at university Y was just cut," "enormous teaching loads," "no health insurance," "was discriminated against in A, B, and C awful ways," "am about to begin my 10th year in the program," etc., etc., etc. Rinse and repeat. 2. Cornell's join MFA/PhD accepts 2 people per year. It goes without saying that there are more than 2 outstanding, well published writers who apply. Yo
  15. Speaking as someone who really likes a big, solid, tough challenge, and, as a result, can really understand why uni #1 is so tempting to you, even beyond the science: you may want to entertain the question of what on earth you will do if the big, solid, tough challenge becomes insurmountable. Or, to put it differently, if the challenge is not so much a challenge, but, as the other students have warned, a surefire disaster. You write that your decision is, "Partly due to the science, partly because if you get through this group, it proves you can take that much shit and still be standing." And
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