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  1. Thanks you all. Looks like im just going to have to bite the bullet and call back.
  2. So, on Thursday I was admitted to the University of Arizona as an MA student, and awarded a Teaching Assistantship (yay!). The director of the program was very friendly and (of course) knowledgable but I was too flustered to think of the right questions to ask and concerned I would ask questions that everyone else just already knows. Anyway, I wasn't able to ask for a real description of what a TA does, and feel silly calling him back to ask at this point. In my research, I have seen that the job description ranges from grading to independently teaching a course. My question is, does anyo
  3. Hey everyone. So, yeah... I totally got rejected from all the PhD programs I applied to this year. Still waiting on the M.A.s to give a decision but i am thinking of just waiting and trying to apply for more PhD programs for Fall 2015. So, my question is, does anyone have any experience with application consultants? like www.stratusprep.com or www.admissionsconsultants.com and the like? They are terribly expensive. I'm just wondering if hiring these places is kind of like a given that everyone knows to do and if I just missed the memo. All the news articles floating around sure make it sou
  4. Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to give your take on this stuff pink robot. I see that you've been admitted, so I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and honestly I'd love to have the chance to pick your brain even more. I feel very naive about this stuff. At my school, unless I missed it, there were never any lectures on how to get into grad school for an English PhD or anything like that, and my professors were awesome, but I felt like an idiot asking, and it looks like my application might have suffered for it. Everything I know about personal statements, I read from a book :
  5. UPenn interviews? I am sooooo totally unprepared for that. Do you know if UPenn interviews everyone that makes it to the end of their process, or is it only done as a tie breaker? Anyone know anything about whether Brown interviews?
  6. Thanks Shortstack, this is exactly what I was hoping to hear from people. Your qualifications are intimidating; such a high subject test score and high GPA with an advanced degree from a school with a real name in the graduate school world! I had no idea that graduate schools put up example personal statements online. I wish I would have thought to look for that. Might have found examples from the schools I was applying to. I'll keep that in mind if I have to go through all this again next year. I also see that you and a lot of other people have gone to conferences to present work. That is ama
  7. At my university, I used "Dr." I thought professor was for someone tenured. Am I wrong?
  8. Just a heads up, this'll be a long one! This is my first (and hopefully last) year of applying to grad school, and like everyone else, I'm bouncing off the walls trying to get through the last few weeks. I've been looking through the board and seeing how people have applied to like 16 programs, and It makes me feel like my choice to apply to only five schools was a bad one. in short, I am afraid that I am so inexperienced in this process that I might have made some fatal errors, so I wanted to open a thread to talk about qualifications and application strategies, in hopes I can get
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