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  1. Looks like USC has already started sending out results. Anyone else hear from them? I saw one rejection on the results page.
  2. One of the colleges I am applying to is asking fora Letter of Application, anyone have any suggestions for what goes in one of these? I'm guessing the obvious position I am applying for, but since I'll be including my CV, would I highlight the most salient experience I have and then discuss my teaching philosophy, or is that too much info in a letter of application?
  3. Hey All, I'm looking into programs that have a visual culture emphasis, think: art history, material/print culture. I saw that UCI has an English PhD with an emphasis on visual culture, anyone familiar with that? I also saw that USC has an English department that has an art history/english professor in their full time faculty roster. I'm just wondering if anyone has similar interests or are familiar with these programs or one similar to it elsewhere.
  4. Oh! then you'll definitely enjoy the weather! I just noticed your cat pic with the scarf, I have to laugh because I actually have tattoo of a cat in a scarf. Good luck with the presentation!
  5. I hope it's sunny then! It's been chilly down here lately. But mid-70s is chilly for a native CA, maybe not for anyone from the east coast and Midwest.
  6. I'll be there chairing a panel on the first day! The first time I presented at a larger, non-graduate student conference, I went on the first day bright and early, first of the conference, actually, and it was nerve wreaking to go first, but it was nice to get it out of the way and I was able to enjoy the rest of the conference without the stressing about the presentation. Mocha, what panel are you on? My friend is chairing one of the first panels on Friday, Detective I.
  7. I'm an English major, since you were asking, and this topic has come up before in my grad classes. It's unethical. That's what most of my professors have said, however, I have to agree with another poster about papers from a larger project: my thesis advisor initially presented a proposal for a book at a conference, nothing flushed out, just ideas and some proof. At the same conference a year later, he presented on the same project, except this time he had a substantial amount of work done and the paper was essentially not the same as his initial presentation. His overarching aim was the same,
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