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  1. Bronte1985's is spot on. Only, I would echo the need to reconnect with recommenders - if you are still near them, there is a chance they might have an opportunity for you to participate in a project, which would build your CV. Likewise, I would look at volunteer opportunities at a local museum or school. Again, as Bronte notes, this is not going to be a determining factor in your acceptance, unlike a strong SOP and WS, but joining in the community in such a way would provide you with "real life" environments (although, don't bank on getting paid) and showcase your enthusiasm in contributing to the community in which your field is apart of.
  2. _DesignHistory

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    @Banzailizard Have you considered the length requirements the program gives for the writing sample? Although I could be applying for a doctorate in a completely different field, most programs that I have considered require samples to be no longer than 25 pages. In my research on the stylistic preferences regarding writing samples, I have found one thing is for certain: do not go over the page limit. Otherwise, its important to remember that a writing sample should primarily showcase your writing and research capabilities & (most likely) you are not expected to reinvent the wheel. As long as there are a healthy mix of sources & an articulated thesis you should be fine. Additionally, it's important to frame the paper in such a way that it engages with current discourses. That way it doesn't appear as if it is in a vacuum. If this was a paper in response to a class assignment, the readers have no idea of this, so to help them better understand your intent, you might as well state what the paper was a response to. If the lack of primary sources is still of concern, I would voice in your SOP your desire to engage with primary sources more intimately. (Just a thought! Best of luck!)
  3. _DesignHistory

    Question about writing samples!

    I would refer to this text: https://geraldgraff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/CluelessinAcademe_compressed.pdf - the chapter "The Application Guessing Game." What the most important thing to remember is not to write the scope of the piece into a vacuum. They want to see that you know how to write, research - i.e. engage in discourse within the humanities. So, the most important thing is that it is well-written, and well researched. If it is outside of the sub-field in which you are applying to study - from what I have seen that should be fine!
  4. So - a few questions regarding the writing sample: should I include an abstract? Currently I am using APA style, with end notes -- keep?

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