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  1. Bronte1985's is spot on. Only, I would echo the need to reconnect with recommenders - if you are still near them, there is a chance they might have an opportunity for you to participate in a project, which would build your CV. Likewise, I would look at volunteer opportunities at a local museum or school. Again, as Bronte notes, this is not going to be a determining factor in your acceptance, unlike a strong SOP and WS, but joining in the community in such a way would provide you with "real life" environments (although, don't bank on getting paid) and showcase your enthusiasm in contributing to
  2. @Banzailizard Have you considered the length requirements the program gives for the writing sample? Although I could be applying for a doctorate in a completely different field, most programs that I have considered require samples to be no longer than 25 pages. In my research on the stylistic preferences regarding writing samples, I have found one thing is for certain: do not go over the page limit. Otherwise, its important to remember that a writing sample should primarily showcase your writing and research capabilities & (most likely) you are not expected to reinvent the wheel. As
  3. I would refer to this text: https://geraldgraff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/CluelessinAcademe_compressed.pdf - the chapter "The Application Guessing Game." What the most important thing to remember is not to write the scope of the piece into a vacuum. They want to see that you know how to write, research - i.e. engage in discourse within the humanities. So, the most important thing is that it is well-written, and well researched. If it is outside of the sub-field in which you are applying to study - from what I have seen that should be fine!
  4. So - a few questions regarding the writing sample: should I include an abstract? Currently I am using APA style, with end notes -- keep?
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