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  1. MGART

    UMass Amherst?

    Has anyone heard anything about this program? All I know is that it is a 3 year program and they offer funding but I would love to hear more about first hand experiences either in the program or visiting the campus, interviewing etc.
  2. Hi all, I've been a long time lurker here but have made the definitive decision to apply for a PhD in Art History or Visual Studies. I'm applying for fall 2019 so I have a lot of time to prepare and I'm going to need it! I don't feel very confident about where I'm at right now and that's mainly because the schools I attended did not offer much (if any) guidance on surviving in the real world or how to continue along the path of academia. I have a BFA in Visual Art (3.8 GPA) from a CUNY college and an MA in Critical Theory and the Arts from SVA. I jumped into my MA kind of quickly and
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