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  1. I called a couple weeks ago, and at that point, they were around a week later than last year in getting out results. Then I called a couple days ago, and decisions still aren't out, as far as I know. Also, they were on Spring Break this week, so maybe that also has something to do with it. I applied to English last year, got on the waitlist, but then didn't get in. I hope you have a better experience! ND is my number one choice this year, so this wait is particularly agonizing.
  2. I was just wondering if there were other people like me who were waiting for ND Lit. I know there's at least one other person on this forum who is waiting...
  3. You and me both! Every day that goes by and I don't get news, I get more nervous. But then I think that well, at least no one else got news yet. And then I think but not everyone who applied is on gradcafe. From there, the spiral into panic and depression.
  4. Yeah I'm hoping for good news, but then I'm also petrified about an interview. I'm confident I can handle grilling about my writing sample, but oh god if they ask me to indicate any kind of language proficiency on the spot, I might panic. It's not that I lied on my apps, but I've been almost 2 years out now and I feel really out of practice.
  5. Ah, I asked this too, and they said that they're doing interviews again this year, and that when they do start notifying (hopefully next week!), it will be for interviews.
  6. I applied to Literature as well, and I called about my app a couple days ago. They told me that they're late this year and they were hoping to make a decision by the end of the past week, but maybe they won't make one 'til next week?
  7. One of my students was writing about Julius Caesar and wrote: "Then Brutus got all up in Caesar's face and shanked him. Caesar was all like 'et tu, Brute?' which pretty much means PARTY FOUL." Might be one of the best things I've read, ever. haha Also, I hope you all know about this lovely site: http://shitmystudentswrite.tumblr.com/
  8. This is something I wondered as well about interviews. I have a few languages under my belt, but I am a bit rusty, and would probably panic, then crash and burn if they gave me some kind of proficiency test on the spot. This is, of course, if I get an interview. Crossing my fingers hardcore for Notre Dame right now!
  9. Yeah, I only saw that same phone interview on the results page and nothing else. Maybe they're trickling results out? I think I'm giving up on Chicago :/
  10. Thanks! I think it's pretty cool, but I hope the departments I applied to think so as well! There is so much I want to work on that has had very little or no scholarly attention. I just hope I'm able to get in so I can actually do the research (in earnest). That's another concern of mine--that it's too specific. Last year, when I applied to programs, I only applied to 4, and didn't get in. When I asked a couple of the schools for feedback as to why, they told me my work was far too specific. So I started out trying to be more general this year, because I got the same feedback when aski
  11. I have a similar concern. My focus is mostly on 19th century Tagalog literature, and partly medieval Spanish lit. The medieval Spanish lit can be accommodated, but it's hard to find any profs specializing in Tagalog lit, much less Tagalog lit from the 19th century specifically. :/
  12. To add to this list: Fordham: http://www.fordham.edu/academics/colleges__graduate_s/graduate__profession/arts__sciences/gsas_programs__degre/program_statistics/english_language_and_21367.asp Notre Dame (who is actually pretty awesome about this): http://graduateschool.nd.edu/departments-and-programs/ph-d-programs/
  13. Here's hoping for a waitlist then! I'm curious how many apply to Emory's Comp Lit program. I know some places get many more applicants, like Cornell which gets like 120+, while others, not as much, like Notre Dame, which got like 50 last year...
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