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  1. I'm still waiting in Winnipeg. I honestly wonder if the letter got lost in the mail somehow. I emailed SSHRC on Friday to ask what was going on, and they only told me that the letter had been mailed to my correct address on Feb. 28. I then asked for the results electronically, but still no response. Is the office shut down due to COVID-19? I don't really expect to get the award, but would still like to know.
  2. Please let me know if this is an improper use of this forum, but I am moving out of my apartment in Urbana in May to go have a baby back home, and it is available for sublet starting then (and still available for next year, for what it's worth). PM me if you are interested in a sublet, or feel free to ask any questions about the city.
  3. Any idea when SSHRC cheques will be mailed? The letter implied that the award would begin in late May...is it stupid to hope that they have already processed them if I sent in my paperwork a few weeks ago?
  4. Also successful (received today in Illinois). 3 year doctoral fellowship. Second application for doctoral SSHRC. Received score of 18.9 (at low end of acceptances, but good enough for me!) from the Fine Arts committee. MA SSHRC 2 international conferences and some minor grad things No publications Good GPA, some previous scholarships for good academic achievement, blah blah blah Some "real world" job experience For all of those who were successful (or perhaps more accurately, caught the reviewers at the right time of day when they were in a good or forgiving mood), congratulation
  5. I take it that those of us who are left are the expatriates, with no idea how to judge our arrival times against those who have received letters in Canada. I wonder if SSHRC has a date after which they will tell you your result if your letter has not yet arrived...
  6. Nothing in Illinois. I was sure it would be here by now--it's not that far from Ottawa...
  7. Hi Geek, I have those options available too, although it doesn't actually let me create a "final research report" form--not sure about you. I suspect these might be meaningless in our case, since they look more like things that would apply to faculty researchers and collaborators. I started panicking a bit upon realizing that the Michael Smith application is not available on my screen, but since I'm studying in the States, I'm not eligible for the CGS anyway (as apparently you are not either) so there is still a small amount of hope. Good luck, and I hope your results arrive soon!
  8. On the other hand, you might encounter an International Student Office where everyone is expressly FORBIDDEN to give you any tax advice. This was my experience (also with administrative workers in my home department). They must have given some bad information in the past and gotten sued or something. They just bought us a licence for a Turbo-Tax-esque program and basically said "you're on your own." I still shake my head when I think about this.
  9. Don't be too discouraged--each committee has its own guidelines and cutoffs. Last year, I didn't even make the waitlist, and my score was higher than some people who got awards. It's quite relative; there may be hope for you yet. I'm pretty sure you can email SSHRC to ask about your rank on the list, but if you do it right now it might take quite a while for them to reply. There will be a lot of movement anyway in the next few days as people decline awards or "downgrade" to take their award out of country.
  10. I think the cutoffs vary according to disciplinary committee. But be hopeful!
  11. But does Canada Post work on Saturdays? I doubt there was enough time for it to get into America's postal system by the weekend if the letters were only sent out on Friday afternoon...guess we'll see soon enough.
  12. What are the chances that letters will enter the US postal system in time to take of advantage of working Saturdays? Probably not good, but the sooner, the better! The waiting is killing me now that it's so close!
  13. Wow, my heart was pounding for a second there when I saw that more than 20 responses were posted today...next week; it's gotta be.
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