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  1. Something's afoot... That regular message is no longer there. It just re-routes to the first page now. Seriously though, this is driving me insane. If they really have had the results now for the last TWO months, why on earth would they continue delaying? There's no benefit from their perspective, is there?
  2. I had the same update message, but NOW it's gone back to our regularly scheduled programming. :/
  3. Patton, M. Q. (2002). Qualitative research & evaluation methods (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc. Expensive, but you totally won't regret investing in this book! The best price I found was on amazon. Good luck!
  4. The risk you'd be taking is huge. You're basically asking, "Should I turn down a guaranteed $80K scholarship now in the hopes that I *might* get a $105K scholarship a year from now?" If I were you, I'd count my blessings and take what's being currently offered. You can easily make up the differemce ($25K over four years) with an RA or TA position. ALSO - you should check your department's policy on declining external funding. At my university, if I choose to turn down external funding when it's offered (or don't apply when I'm eligible), my department reserves the right to revoke my internal f
  5. If this is the case (and you're right), I actually feel better. It's been really difficult for me to see that every single person in this thread (Educ committee or otherwise) who has been waitlisted has received a lower score than what I was given. My heart hurts, especially since this was my last year of eligibility. It's less about the $$ lost at this point, and more about my overall pride. *sigh* I didn't expect to feel this shitty about rejection.
  6. Where did you find this info about the same year? It's my understanding that this isn't the case (straight from my supervisor's mouth).
  7. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you were waitlisted with a score of 15.5 in Education (PhD)? How is this possible? My score is significantly higher than that, we were adjudicated by the same committee, and yet I got outright rejected with no mention of a waitlist in my letter. If your letter actually states that you were waitlisted, I think I have grounds to call SSHRC for clarity... Does anyone else think I should call them to discuss this discrepancy?
  8. Waitlisted = Counted as Rejected in the stats until something changes. So essentially, the total number of Funded applicants never changes, but the rejected number could shrink. I spent the last two years on the waitlist, and this is something I asked about a while back.
  9. Where did I say that you have no "real life" friends? I'm not sure why you used my post to springboard into that defense. Anyway, I'm happy to know that you're going to be in a PhD program. I'm also a PhD student (one of those pathetic people still hanging around this forum... lol). I too have a ton of "real life" friends, and this forum isn't about avoiding real life. Sometimes it's about trying to lend thoughtful, anecdotal advice to those who are new, from those who aren't. Not all mentorship can be easily categorized or empirically measured. In fact, the best kind can't. Good luck with all
  10. Can you just go car-less altogether? I got rid of my car back in January (for all the same reasons you've posted above), and I haven't regretted the decision once. I'm lucky that I live in a city with great public transit. Have you seriously considered whether it's possible to live a car-less life once you move?
  11. Sorry to report to those in Kingston... I'm in Kingston, and (as noted earlier) I received a rejection letter today. If you didn't get your letters today, you'll likely get them tomorrow. Good luck!
  12. Yeah, it's kind of shocking for me, considering the fact that my score was FOUR points (that's whole numbers, not decimal places), higher than last year (when I did get on the waiting list). My score is also higher than others in different disciplines who actually got lower scores than me, but who got waitlist letters today (two friends in another department at the same uni as me). I'm blaming it on a combination of brutal competition in my particular field and the federal budget cuts. Any way you slice it, it's crappy. However, I'm still holding positivity for OGS funding (my track record wit
  13. Rejected. Didn't even get on the waiting list this year, even though the "score" they gave me was significantly higher than the one I got last year (when I did get on the waiting list). I'm in the final year of my PhD program, so this was the last chance for me. It's really disappointing, but such is life in academia. For those who are wondering, I'm in Ontario. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!
  14. Just in time, as I am wasting some hours in an airport after a delayed flight. Finally returning to "my" side of the country. Should have several weeks worth of snail-mail piled up when I get home, but still have to wait at least two more days for SSHRC results to show up. Whyyyyyy doesn't Canada Post work on Sundays? Geez. lol
  15. Sarcasm notwithstanding, I do get your point. No worries, I'm done with the [apparent] self-righteousness (for now anyway... I can't predict when it may rear its ugly head again - this is an internet forum, after all - LOL). Honestly, I'm just super-stressed, and knowing that some departments at some universities actually told their students the OGS results over a *month* ago while the rest of us have been made to wait, has really upset me. It's not helpful information (especially for those students who are reading this thread and are battling disabilities or extenuating life circumstances). A
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