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  1. Are we still down for a coffee meetup? Are we all in NYC? let's make this happen!!
  2. Hey Everyone, Saw this thread and felt the need to add that Yes, miracles DO happen! At the beginning of this week, I got a phone call offering me admission to a program- my #1 choice, (w/tuition remission and funding) which rejected me in march... Apparently, they got additional funding and decided to make me an offer.... Ironically, I had already drafted an email accepting another offer, and was planning to review it and send it that evening! Talk about timing! lol So, sometimes life really does throw you a curve ball.... best of luck to all!
  3. In my case, I filled out at my fafsa and was offered over $40K in loans (some subsidized, some not- all provided by the government).... Sometimes loans are based on credit score or need... I guess it depends on your situation.... I will not be taking them, because I will be going somehwere else...but, I was floored when I looked at the numbers....
  4. Very cool! Good luck! Let me know how it goes :)

  5. No problem Also wanted to add (and for some reason couldn't edit the post above) that I would love to meet everyone for coffee! see you all in the fall!
  6. oh, wow. well at least it was a deferral, not a rejection, right? goodness, so you'll find out in May and start less than two months later? quick! Will you be moving? Making any significant life changes for this program? or is that time frame doable?

  7. why May?! Waitlist?

    Good luck! good luck! good luck! I'll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for you!

  8. hey everyone, Maybe I can help a little. I've lived in NYC most of my life (and will likely be attending baruch for I/O psych phd). NYC is not huge in terms of literal distances (i.e. the size of manhattan is only approx. 23 sq. miles) BUT getting around the city is VERY time consuming... SO, if you're attending school in manhattan, and choose to live in manhattan, check if your school is located on the east or the west side of the island (east or west of 5th ave) you can tell by checking the school's address (i.e. 123 East 1st St. or 123 W. 1st St.) and live on that side of the island. Travelling North to South in manhattan is very easy. East to West gets very difficult (only buses go E to W) unless you are below 42nd st (times square). Note, this advice is for someone expecting to rely on public transport. I do not recommend bringing a car into manhattan (unless you are able to pay exorbitant parking prices and get stuck in TONS of traffic). In the boroughs, it may make sense to bring a car. If you choose to live in one of the other boroughs (and go to school in manhattan), expect anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour commuting time. (this varies based on subways, and where you live/ where you go to school). I'm not going to elaborate on everything here, because it will take FOREVER, but feel free to PM me with questions... Just a few more pointers- NYC has some wonderful neighborhoods and some not so great neighborhoods. Where you live depends on your budget and kind of apartment you are looking for. Example: for $1000/ month, you can get a very large, sundrenched apt. waaaayyy out in brooklyn (by coney island), in a wonderful neighborhood, but your commute to midtown will be an hour to an hour and a half, each way OR, you could find a tiny box apt. somewhere in manhattan (if you're lucky, cuz that price is very low) but be in the heart of everything... the rental market here fluctuates greatly (based on high and low moving seasons) and most apts. in manhattan are found using a realtor... expect to put down first month's rent and a month's rent for your deposit, plus whatever your realtor fee is) and i've noticed a lot of places on the forum where people have said they were expected to make an annual salary of 40-80X the rent price. In my experience, THIS IS TRUE, unless you have someone willing to cosign, so keep that in mind... A few websites that can help: www.hopstop.com (will give you distance, travel time and directions from point A to point B ), will also adjust for weekend construction related changes to the subways (EVERY weekend there is some sort of construction and subway confusion) www.mta.info (MTA website- also has the subway and bus maps) www.craigslist.com (yes, i know it's shady, but it's one of the best places to find apartments)
  9. Any luck so far?

  10. Hey,It's a rather uninteresting story :) interview back in feb. got letter of rejection few weeks later. Yesterday, out of nowhere, got a call from a number I didn't recognize, answered (which I RARELY do),and was offered the position, w/funding. Prof. I spoke with said they came across additional funds... so odd.. but I was SHOCKED, to say the least. I didn't believe stories like ...

  11. Thanks! I'm very excited!

  12. That is so awesome, congrats!!

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