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  1. They usually inform you at the same time - particularly those who got funding. But if you didn't get funding, but was accepted, usually they inform you later. But they do seem to be changing the way they notify - previously, they sent out rejection letters via post (as opposed to e-mail).
  2. Re: U Washington - they just had their admissions committee meeting yesterday. Not sure when the results will be out.
  3. UW-Seattle applicants: Graduate admissions committee meeting today. Erm, don't know anything else, unfortunately.
  4. I'm guessing that once they don't e-mail you about transcripts, they'll just send you a rejection via postal. SSRC rejections usually come via snail mail. Strange.
  5. I'm expecting a rejection mail by post at this point.
  6. Well, hopefully they are just behind schedule this year (instead of the alternative possibility). For what it's worth, they advertised about two weeks ago for a program assistant to administer the SSRC IDRF 2012 two weeks ago on craigslist: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/npo/2804446454.html
  7. They are usually super slow. They meet and make the grad admission decision sometime in mid-March, and send out notifications via snail mail (which takes forever given the oceans the mail has to cross). Last year, I was notified of my acceptance like mid-to-late March, and was offered funding after the 15 April deadline for other schools. HOWEVER, if you do really want to know, do send them an email - the people working there are extremely nice and efficient.
  8. UWashington usually notifies those they are funding first (around mid-Feb), and then they notify other acceptances closer to end-Feb. Not sure how it works for rejections.
  9. I am not an authority on this, but based on my personal experience, it varies on who is your assigned advisor (or so I think). When I first applied, my rejection came via e-mail and snail mail. When I applied the second time round, and heard nothing, I simply assumed I was rejected. Turns out I was waitlisted and I was informed via snail mail, but nobody in the department bothered to inform/contact me. I figured that was because the guy I was assigned to work with is pretty out-of-touch with technology. But other friends working with one of the more on-the-ball profs got their acceptances via a prompt personal email from the prof.
  10. I didn't get my apartment off Craigslist, but one of the rental properties under private management. Strangely, I didn't find anything on Craigslist that was comparable to what I found via privately managed properties. I live on Eastlake, and it's about 10 min bike (5 min bus) to UW, and a 1BR costs $650 sans utilities. (depending on how good you are at dealing with no heater, you can pay around $30 in utilities)
  11. For all it's worth, I did get into the school in question!
  12. The last time I had an 'interview' with a POI, despite my freaking out, it was actually quite a breeze. The POI just wanted to ask me stuff that the application doesn't reflect, e.g. who I have worked with, have I done enough field work, and what my language training was like, before telling me about the research direction her work was taking. Good luck!
  13. As an applicant to Columbia last year, we had a similar discussion. Our conclusion at the end of the season was - all the cryptic remarks on that application status thing really didn't matter.
  14. I turned down UToronto about 3 weeks ago, and will be withdrawing from a funding waitlist at UHawaii.
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