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  1. Hi again! So I've been talking with another student and the proctoring center at BYU and it IS required to go to a testing center to take the exams....
  2. I'm still... not really sure.... I haven't taken an exam yet, and although it says that the tests are proctored, the syllabus does not say anything about having to go to a testing center to take the exams. So what I'm thinking is that they have online proctors that watch you over a webcam? I will keep you posted once I take the first exam! haha
  3. I actually have to take a College Algebra course as a pre-req for my school as well! I signed up for Brigham Young University, their independent study program. It's self-paced so you can finish it in time before August. I just started mine last week, but I'm trying to finish before June!
  4. oops I just realized you guys already covered the UOP & Pacific U topic ignore that
  5. @AUDandCats @GraceAudiology I just received an e-mail today getting a GA position and some additional funding! & @AMP´d-AuD are you talking about University of the Pacific or Pacific University? Because I know University of the Pacific opened up their applications again for UW applicants, but I haven't heard about Pacific Uni! But in regards to your question, I want to go to Pacific because of the accelerated program, their block schedule classes, the super friendly staff & the opportunity to do clinics pretty much anywhere you want starting your second year of school!
  6. Wow I can’t believe UW is closing their program... I just received the e-mail today. Does anyone know why??
  7. Jamie! I think we rode the elevator together at the beginning of the day LOL & @AUD-1994 My interview day was Feb. 10!
  8. Ohhh okay! That sounds good thanks for letting us know! I was hoping that information would come in the letter too but it wasn't... I think I remember meeting you at the interview by the way!
  9. Hey! They contact you and you don't have to apply for these positions right? They just kind of choose you?
  10. Same here! I should be accepting the offer soon, I want to hear back from SDSU first, but Pacific was my first choice, so I would love to exchange info!
  11. Just heard back from SDSU/UCSD, got placed as #8 on their waitlist hahaha I guess I will keep waiting!
  12. Hi! May I ask when you had your interview, if you did have one?
  13. I’m not sure... when I got the phone call they said they were gonna send the e-mail & a physical copy.... but I could have heard wrong!! Because I don’t think I’ve gotten a letter yet..
  14. See you there!! unless you choose to go to a different school!! I'm not sure what type of funding is available... I'm waiting to see if the acceptance letter contains that information
  15. Just received an acceptance e-mail from Pacific University!!!! I'm so relieved this was my top choice so it's a huge weight off my shoulders! Good luck to everyone else still in the waiting game! Currently still waiting to hear back from four other schools
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