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  1. libAuD

    Audiology Applicants Fall 2019

    Hey everyone! I'm so happy someone created this group!!! I'm almost done with my applications, I am applying to USF, UF, Auburn, ETSU and ECU! I'm SO nervous!😰 Good luck to everyone!!
  2. libAuD

    Do I have a chance?

    Hey there! So I am kind of in the same boat as you! I have an overall GPA of a 3.8 and my GRE scores are V:152, Q: 146 and AWA: 3. I am actually retaking the GRE this week in hopes of improving those scores but my practice results make me feel like I won't be improving much! I am terrified about my scores as well! I feel like the rest of my application materials are solid but my scores really worry me! I also have decent clinical experience, volunteering and leadership but I still don't know if that'll be enough! I am applying to UF, USF, Auburn University, University of Tennessee, East State Tennessee and ECU. I'm so nervous!
  3. libAuD

    Future Audiology Class of 2022

    Hey guys! So I'm new to Grad cafe and I have been looking over anything that contains audiology grad info! I am applying for the Fall2019 semester(I'm a senior in college now). I'm currently working on applications but I'm already so nervous about the process of getting accepted/denied!! Any tips on making the process easier? I have already taken the GRE once ( V:152, Q:146 Writing: 3.0) and I plan to take it one more time in November for hopefully a higher score( I feel like its low but maybe I'm okay?). I'm applying to USF,UF, Auburn, University of Tennessee, East Tennessee University and ECU. I didn't know if I should apply to more? Or how y'all dealt with tuition for out of state schools?? So much to think about! Any information/recommendations would really help!

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