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  1. I did my second bachelors online through Utah State and got accepted to my top choice as well as others, so for me it wasn't a problem!
  2. Some of the programs I applied to have the option to press a "decline offer" button on their website. I was wondering if it's normal to just do this and not send an email. Or is it better to send a polite email that declines the offer as well? I just don't want to come off rude when I decline offers. Thanks for your opinions!
  3. lbh33

    The University of Texas at Dallas

    I got accepted today! Soooo excited!!! My dream school
  4. lbh33

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2018

    Yes! It’s about 67k, so it’s really expensive. But I also visited their program a few days ago and I LOVE it
  5. lbh33

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2018

    If anyone was accepted to UTD and is planning on not attending, please let them know
  6. lbh33

    University of North Texas

    I'm still in the process of deciding. UNT's program seems good but I'm not sure how I feel about Denton and I'm still waiting to hear back from my top choice! How about you?
  7. lbh33

    The University of Texas at Dallas

    do you know when registration is?
  8. they said theres no dress code but that "business casual" is the norm... do you think dark jeans with a nice top and flats would be business casual? thank you!
  9. I am wondering if jeans and a nice top is good enough for an open house for admitted students. Or would business casual be a safer bet? I really have no idea what to wear! Thanks for the input.
  10. lbh33

    Do parents attend open houses?

    Hi! To those who commented on this having been to open houses.. can you say what you wore? I'd appreciate it!
  11. lbh33

    Thoughts on Baylor?

    @speechpathbound hi, thanks! I applied for the fall program and was notified via email on I believe March 1st... definitely around then. Good luck, hope you hear back soon!
  12. lbh33

    Texas Tech?

    Has anyone interviewed for Tech and not heard back? Wondering if I should have heard something back since I interviewed on 2/19.
  13. lbh33

    Asking a program why you were denied

    @edardi1 would you be willing to send me the template as well? I would os greatly appreciate it!
  14. I was accepted into Baylor and am looking for insight as to how people who are going there or have gone there like the program, and living in Waco. Any thoughts appreciated!

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