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  1. futureSLPhopefullylol

    CSDCAS Academic Update

    Can anyone clarify for me how to go about doing the "academic update" for CSDCAS?
  2. futureSLPhopefullylol

    What to do?

    I echo the others and say raise your GRE. How did you prepare for it last time? Change it up and use new study methods. I also really love Magoosh, it's worth the 3 month price. Make studying for the GRE a priority and take a ton of practice tests
  3. futureSLPhopefullylol

    How can I strengthen my application?

    Shadow in multiple settings to show you have experience with multiple populations
  4. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Is declining my only option crazy?

    Pro tip to any future applicant reading this: never apply to a school you would not be willing to pay for or cannot afford. Look up tuition before applying to any school.
  5. futureSLPhopefullylol

    How did GPA affect your number of applications?

    I have a high GPA but still applied to 10 schools because I was nervous lol
  6. Those are grad school courses.
  7. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Doubting my abilities

    Chill out homie and enjoy your summer. The ride hasn't even started yet.
  8. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Low GPA/any advice?

    Raise your GRE! Pay for Magoosh and study your butt off!!! Magoosh helped me raise my score almost 20 points (no they didn't pay me to promote it). Take a ton of FULL and TIMED practice exams in a realistic setting... this will raise your score and get you comfortable with the timing. Second, contact the schools you're rejected from and ask them how you can improve for next time. Take their advice above and beyond. Work or volunteer in a related field so you have a lot of new experiences to write about in a personal statement and resume. MAKE THIS TIME OFF WORK FOR YOU. It's not gonna be easy but if you really want to get into grad school you will need to work super hard to offset the GPA. Also, make sure you apply strategically next time to either smaller schools or schools that are less competitive (ASHA edfind is your bff).
  9. Hey everyone! I thought it would be a great idea to have a megathread for us to discuss as results start to roll in. We can also use this thread to get input from others to help us make decisions. I also think this could be a great tool for future applicants. I received my first acceptance today () from Wayne State and couldn't believe it! Good luck everyone!
  10. futureSLPhopefullylol

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2018

    No offence but I don't think people listing where they are declining offers is of help at all to those who are waitlisted/still waiting because there could be a ton of people ACCEPTING their offers. A couple people saying things on grad cafe is way too small of a sample to give any worthwhile information.
  11. futureSLPhopefullylol

    How to Choose a School

    Cost is the #1 deciding factor IMO. As long as the program is fully accredited who cares if it's less highly ranked. Employers don't look at rankings.
  12. Save hundreds of dollars and apply to way less schools lol (applied to 10, got into 5 and waitlisted at 4)... but better safe than sorry right?
  13. futureSLPhopefullylol

    2018 Results Megathread (Acceptances , Waitlists, Rejections)

    FINALLY heard from MSU! I can't believe i'm IN!
  14. futureSLPhopefullylol

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    I don't think it necessarily means you're rejected. My best guess is that they are sitting on your app and will further review it once their initial offers have been accepted/denied.
  15. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Why am I not getting chosen

    Sorry to hear this If you want a legit answer-- what was your GPA? GRE? Experience? Personal statement? Did you apply strategically to programs you could have a shot at? There are so many factors. You can always contact programs and ask them why you were not considered and ask what you could do to improve your applications.
  16. futureSLPhopefullylol

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    I've been accepted to Wayne State (found out in Jan) and Western (found out yesterday) but still have not heard from State. All I know about Wayne is that they have completed review of ALL applicants (got this info firsthand) and have sent out acceptances and waitlist offers.
  17. futureSLPhopefullylol

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    I'm dying to hear from Michigan State already!
  18. I am working on finalizing my list of schools to apply to. I have about 7 locked in that I will for sure apply to and I am looking to add 1-2 more from the following list: Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Purdue Ball State Penn State U of Pittsburgh U of Wisconsin Milwaukee U of Wisconsin Madison My stats include a CSD major GPA of 3.90, GRE scores of 158V 152Q 4AW, I serve as a board member at my school's NSSLHA chapter, I have experience working with kids, and I will have about 30 observation hours from various locales by the time the apps are due. My overall GPA is harder for me to calculate because I attended a community college before my present university My GPA at the community college was about a 3.5 and my overall GPA at my present university is 3.96. Which of the schools from that list does it look like I'd have the best shot at? Also if anyone knows anything about the schools on this list I'd love to hear whatever information you have! Just a note, I am primarily interested in the clinical side of SLP, especially within medical settings. I also am looking for these last 1-2 schools I apply to to be less competitive because a lot of the other schools I am applying for are very competitive.
  19. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Help Choosing?

    See if either program has an open house. That will help you distinguish between them. If you still can't decide or see too much difference, then just go with the less expensive option.
  20. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Do parents attend open houses?

    You're the weird one dude... so many people bring parents with them. Doesn't make them an "immature child". Some people value their family's input on making an educated decision on which school to attend.
  21. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Ask Away: 1st Year Grad Student

    How is your social life?!
  22. I have no clue about Canada, but in America SLP master's programs are extremely competitive. Most people say that a well rounded applicant is what is most sought-after but I'd say that GPA (ESPECIALLY GPA within communication sciences & disorders major/courses) is what is most important. If your GPA is low, you will have an uphill battle in your applications. For example, my GPA and GRE were strong but I'm pretty sure my letters of rec were average and my resume/in-field experience was quite minimal-- yet I was still accepted into a program that only takes about 20-30% of applicants and was invited to interview at another school (still waiting to hear back from many more schools). If my grades were low I would have had to offset that with amazing letters of rec and would have had to have tooooons more on my resume. There isn't really a way to get a ballpark average on how many people are accepted yearly, so the best way to a assess your chances is to look up schools you are interested in on ASHA EdFind and check the stats those schools accept for their Master's program. I used that to get averages of school acceptances rates by dividing "# of admission offers" by "# of applications received" and was able to find out which schools that I was interested in are more highly competitive than others. One school I applied to accepts only about 8% of applicants. Another I applied to accepts over 50%. Yes, it's a competitive field but in my opinion that is a good thing because it means we are getting competent clinicians to serve others and it adds to the prestige of this career choice.
  23. futureSLPhopefullylol

    Samford University

    This is wild...... I'd find a way to contact ASHA or the university dean with all these concerns

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