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  1. This is for peeps who had applied to the Keough School of Global Affairs MGA programme for 2022.
  2. Thanks a lot for this information. I have been following the Cupe 3903 strike and proceedings. I guess that may have contributed to the delay in admission decisions this year. I will likely pm you for more info, once my status is decided at York. Thanks once again.
  3. I also heard about the funding for philosophy, which led to applying to York. I hope it goes well. Cheers.
  4. Thanks. Haven't heard from York. I applied for an MA in philosophy. I also on the waitlist for Simon Fraser. Congrats on your acceptance to McMaster. We keep fingers crossed. Cheers!
  5. Waitlisted at SFU on Mar 20th. Grad Chair said I'll be hearing from them soon, before the April 15 deadline.
  6. I solicited a mail from the department at SFU. Told by the Graduate Chair on Mar. 20th that I was on the waitlist and would be hearing from them once my name comes up from the waitlist. The email though had a positive tone about it. I'm keeping fingers crossed.
  7. I got waitlisted at Simon Fraser yesterday. Please, if anyone isn't going ahead with SFU as a first choice, kindly help us move up the waitlist. I had to solicit them before they informed me of my being on their waitlist.
  8. I've been waitlisted at Simon Fraser Uni. Anybody plan on turning down the offer? This is all I've got. Please do help me.
  9. Ok...good. I have a strong GPA. Have work experience of a year plus, as an RA and have publications and a book chapter. Still on tenterhooks though. I wish us all success. Fingers crossed.
  10. I am from Nigeria. Did you apply for an MA in philosophy?
  11. Hi everyone. I'm an international student also. Threw my applications for MA in philosophy to York and SFU. The wait has been nerve-racking.
  12. Hello everyone, Anyone heard from Simon Fraser or York Uni Canada yet??? PM me please.
  13. Well, last year, I saw that a thread was put up on this topic. It enabled followers to keep abreast of acceptances, rejections and waitlists from Canadian MA programs. As for me, I applied to both York Uni and SFU for 2018 fall. Still waiting on a positive response with fingers crossed. What of you?
  14. Any one had responses from York Uni and Simon Fraser Uni??? Everywhere is so so silent, it's jolting.
  15. Thank you for that green light. The waiting game can be so tough. Thanks. Good luck to you too.
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