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  1. Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    Ok...good. I have a strong GPA. Have work experience of a year plus, as an RA and have publications and a book chapter. Still on tenterhooks though. I wish us all success. Fingers crossed.
  2. Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    I am from Nigeria. Did you apply for an MA in philosophy?
  3. Fall 2018 CANADIAN universities

    Hi everyone. I'm an international student also. Threw my applications for MA in philosophy to York and SFU. The wait has been nerve-racking.
  4. 2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Hello everyone, Anyone heard from Simon Fraser or York Uni Canada yet??? PM me please.
  5. Well, last year, I saw that a thread was put up on this topic. It enabled followers to keep abreast of acceptances, rejections and waitlists from Canadian MA programs. As for me, I applied to both York Uni and SFU for 2018 fall. Still waiting on a positive response with fingers crossed. What of you?
  6. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Any one had responses from York Uni and Simon Fraser Uni??? Everywhere is so so silent, it's jolting.
  7. 2018 Philosophy Applicants, Assemble!

    Thank you for that green light. The waiting game can be so tough. Thanks. Good luck to you too.
  8. 2018 Philosophy Applicants, Assemble!

    Who's applying to Simon Fraser Uni and York Uni, Canada for their MA philosophy? I am an international student with a BA Hons first class in philosophy. I have spent 2 years working as a research assistant in a top business school here in Africa. I have four article publications and an upcoming book chapter. I tried writing a good statement of interest and submitted an excerpt from my Bachelors project for my written sample. I have good recommenders, I think, all PhDs. In spite of these, I am still very much apprehensive. The wait is a quiet purgatory of its own. Do I stand a chance? Reading through the thread, I see that the process is quite competitive. I need some reassurance, goodness me.
  9. Funding at York University, Toronto

    Let's discuss the probabilities for securing graduate funding at York Uni for would-be Yorkers 2018.
  10. Hi everyone. I am a prospective applicant for MA philosophy at York University for fall next year 2018. The admission window would soon be open for 2018. Please, what is the possibility of getting full funding for grad study at York, as is stated on their website? Thanks guys!