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  1. Has anyone heard from the Tri-Institutional Computational Bio program? And know if NYU is done sending out invites or are they sent out staggered?
  2. Got an invitation to interview from Weill Cornell neuro last night! Interview dates jan 22- 24th
  3. Does anyone know if phone interviews are generally from No Caller ID numbers?
  4. You will get in and you will get funded!

    1. brainsRus


      omg love you and just saw this. WE will get in and funded.

  5. Hey guys, I'm an undergrad at NYU and applied to these schools focusing on computational disease labs: UW, NYU, Harvard, UCSF, Stanford, Weill Cornell, Tri-institutional program for Computational Biology, UCLA, UC Berkely GPA: 3.6 Research: 3 summers at different labs, and currently working at my current lab for the past year and a half funded by an NIH training program Hopefully I hear back for interviews soon since I know notifications are starting to go out!!
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