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  1. I got into Northern Arizona who (it seems from their website) has reworked their MA program to be more like a pre-doctoral masters. It looks like they've tried to restructure to better prepare students for PhD programs, which is why I applied there (also because Flagstaff is a really cool town). They also offer at least partial funding which is a definite plus.
  2. My fiancè finished his bachelors in statistics at 29 and began a PhD program at 30. He ended up leaving the program after two or three years because he landed his dream job in industry (sports related). Anyway, at 37 (about to be 38) he is considering going back to get his Ph.D. in the next year or two. In the psychology program where I currently work, there is a guy in his 40s who just started the program like two years ago. So in short, you're definitely not too old to pursue a doctoral degree!
  3. psytillidie

    Flagstaff, AZ

    I got accepted to NAU for their psychology MA and my fiancé and I have been looking at housing! Rent seems fairly high (we’re coming from an SEC school where rent is about 700-1000 for a 1 bedroom) and in Flagstaff it seems around that on the lower end . There’s a good number of apartments and houses for rent on Craigslist. It’s also worth searching Google for “Flagstaff property management” and looking at listings on their website. From what we’ve found a 2-3 bedroom ranges from about 1300-2000/ month. It seems like Flagstaff is a smaller town that has rapidly grown and the housing market can’t catch up! If you haven’t visited, it’s a lovely town and we’re super excited to move there. As far as finding roommates, I’m not too sure! On Craigslist I’ve seen some listings for vacant bedrooms in houses that already have occupants, so seeing if one of those fits your needs could be beneficial!
  4. psytillidie

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Will the Idaho State person PM me your POI? And was it mass email or from your POI?
  5. psytillidie

    MA/MS Psychology Programs

    I'm considering applying for a couple of masters programs in the event that I don't get any doctoral acceptances this year. My undergrad GPA is one of the weaker parts of my application, so I feel that if I completed and did well in a masters program it might help. I'm considering some of the more competitive programs like Villanova but I'm also interested in Northern Arizona and Eastern Washington. Does anyone know anything about these two programs? I haven't really seen anyone talking about them in this forum. Or if anyone knows about any other good pre-doctoral masters programs, feel free to talk about them too! Thanks!
  6. psytillidie

    "DM me your POI" thread

    Will the University of Denver person DM me your POI? Thanks!
  7. psytillidie

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Will the person who heard from University of Denver DM me their POI? thanks!
  8. psytillidie

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Will the person who got an interview from University of Montana send me your POI? Thanks!
  9. psytillidie

    "DM me your POI" thread

    Will the University of Montana person DM me your POI? Also did you hear from your POI or mass email?
  10. psytillidie

    PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Has anyone heard from University of Nevada, Reno?
  11. psytillidie

    "DM me your POI" thread

    Can the University of Denver prelim interview person PM me your POI? Thanks!
  12. psytillidie

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Can the person who heard back from University of Arkansas PM me your POI? Thanks!
  13. psytillidie

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Will the posters who received invites to the University of Kentucky PM me your POIs? Thank you!
  14. psytillidie

    PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    Program of interest: Clinical Psych (trauma/ anxiety focused) Schools you have looked at: I looked at SO many schools, but I ended up applying to Kentucky, Arkansas, Denver, Montana, Idaho State, and Nevada, Reno Number one worry about applying: Pretty much all aspects of my app. My GRE is okay, GPA not great. My SOP and LOR are good. Research is decent. My biggest fear is having something happen like what occurred last year when I was applying to schools. I applied to a MA psych program, and about a month after the May 1st deadline I still hadn't heard anything so I checked social media and at least one person had been accepted the week before. So I called the program coordinator and she told me that she recognized my name and that I should've received either an acceptance or a rejection email (wow how comforting!) because I definitely was not on the waitlist. She said she was going to check with the admission committee before resending my email. After two days I didn't hear from her, so I called again. This time she told me that I was on the waitlist and I'd be notified within a week. To recap: was told I was definitely either accepted or rejected but was not sure which and definitely not on the waitlist but then after a couple days I was definitely on the waitlist and they had not made a decision about me over a month after the deadline and after acceptances and rejections were already handed out. A week later I was officially rejected off the waitlist. After talking with some of my prior psych professors about this experiences they felt certain they'd mishandled my application. I just laugh about it, though, because of course it would happen to me! Has anyone else ever experienced something like that?
  15. psytillidie

    Anyone go to Mississippi State?

    The campus is fairly large and spread out. It's somewhat charming- some nice buildings, decent landscaping. They've renovated the student union and a couple other key places within the last 10 years. The town itself is not stellar, but it is up and coming. The Cotton District is where the bars, boutiques, and better restaurants are. It's decent and has had a lot of updating and new additions in the last 5 years. Housing is relatively affordable as long as you look outside the typical student housing apartment complexes. It's kind of isolated from other towns of note: about 3.5 hours from Memphis, TN, 1.5 hours from Tuscaloosa, AL, 2 hours from Jackson, MS, and about 1.5 hours from Oxford, MS (home of their in-state/SEC rival- definitely visit Oxford as much as possible- great food, arts, bar scene and lots of historical spots). Big football town. Most of the restaurants are chains, but there are some diamonds in the rough.

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