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  1. School: University of Central Florida (UCF) Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: 1/14/2020 Type of invite: Phone call from assistant DCT Interview date(s): 2/9-10 Feel free to DM me for POI!
  2. School: University of Nevada, Reno Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/19 Type of invite: Phone call/ email from PI For in-person interview Interview date(s): February 7th Feel free to DM for PI!
  3. School: University of Nevada, Reno Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/19 Type of invite: Phone call/ email from PI For in-person interview Interview date(s): February 7th Feel free to DM for PI!
  4. School: University of Kentucky Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 12/18 Type of Invite: Email from department inviting to interview Interview date(s): 1/23-24 Feel free to DM for POI!
  5. School: University of Utah Type: PhD Date of invite: December 16th Type of invite: Preliminary phone interview Interview date(s): Phone this week/ In-person is February 7th DM for POI
  6. Advice on getting interviews at multiple schools with the same interview weekend and no alternate dates?
  7. School: University of Mississippi Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: 12/11/19 Type of invite: Email from POI Interview date(s): 2/07-08 Happy to disclose POI in DMs!
  8. I actually have a friend that applied to work with someone, but they ended up deciding to retire after initially thinking they were taking a student. A new faculty member saw my friend’s app, interviewed him, and offered him a spot. So it isn’t impossible!
  9. None of my letter writers have submitted their letters for me and the deadline is tomorrow... I have to laugh.
  10. So there's a private university in my state that has a Masters of Mental Health Counseling program. I have two friends who are in the program. They've told me some things that they're being taught that seems really questionable and not based in science. For example: one professor told the students that he treated a patient with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) and when the patient changed personalities their eye color changed.... Like this is clearly untrue. This is not the only questionable occurrence. My friends are afraid to contradict their professors. Is there a way to report this? Or for someone to address this with the department?
  11. I got into Northern Arizona who (it seems from their website) has reworked their MA program to be more like a pre-doctoral masters. It looks like they've tried to restructure to better prepare students for PhD programs, which is why I applied there (also because Flagstaff is a really cool town). They also offer at least partial funding which is a definite plus.
  12. My fiancè finished his bachelors in statistics at 29 and began a PhD program at 30. He ended up leaving the program after two or three years because he landed his dream job in industry (sports related). Anyway, at 37 (about to be 38) he is considering going back to get his Ph.D. in the next year or two. In the psychology program where I currently work, there is a guy in his 40s who just started the program like two years ago. So in short, you're definitely not too old to pursue a doctoral degree!
  13. I got accepted to NAU for their psychology MA and my fiancé and I have been looking at housing! Rent seems fairly high (we’re coming from an SEC school where rent is about 700-1000 for a 1 bedroom) and in Flagstaff it seems around that on the lower end . There’s a good number of apartments and houses for rent on Craigslist. It’s also worth searching Google for “Flagstaff property management” and looking at listings on their website. From what we’ve found a 2-3 bedroom ranges from about 1300-2000/ month. It seems like Flagstaff is a smaller town that has rapidly grown and the housing market can’t catch up! If you haven’t visited, it’s a lovely town and we’re super excited to move there. As far as finding roommates, I’m not too sure! On Craigslist I’ve seen some listings for vacant bedrooms in houses that already have occupants, so seeing if one of those fits your needs could be beneficial!
  14. Will the Idaho State person PM me your POI? And was it mass email or from your POI?
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