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  1. I also accepted the offer for South Dakota's Clinical psych PhD program! Feel free to pm me!!
  2. Does anyone know if the University of South Dakota has sent out all of the acceptances and wait list positions yet? I know some people were accepted last week but not sure if all of them are out yet.
  3. Has anyone heard from Baylor PsyD post-interview? I saw one acceptance on the results page and one rejection through the online portal. My online portal has no updates still. They said they would send out decisions by this past Friday... I'm wondering if I should email yet?
  4. If you don't mind, could you also PM me your POI?
  5. Does anyone know if Depaul finished sending out all of their interview invites? I applied to the community clinical psych program but have not herd anything back yet...
  6. I received an invitation to interview from USD on the 16th from my POI. They said the department recently completed the review of applications so I would think they are being sent out this week if not already.
  7. Has anyone herd back from the University of New Mexico or Columbia University? I haven't seen or herd anything from either of them on the results/forums pages... Too soon or too late? Does anyone have any information? Thanks!
  8. I am not sure if this is common knowledge or not but the University of North Texas has this calendar (https://teamup.com/ks952632ef38687f3e) open to the public. It has quite a few dates of deadlines for interview notifications from various clinical psychology programs. It looks accurate to me but I have not had any other program have this link on there web page? Anyone know if this is a good source?
  9. Hello! If anyone would be willing to compare my stats to the schools I am applying to I would greatly appreciate it! This is my first time applying to clinical psychology programs and I am very nervous. I have some research experience, worked in a lab for two years, got two posters and a co-authored manuscript, another lab for 1 year with 2 posters and a conf. presentation, and a final lab I've been working in for only a few months. I have a lot of experience doing data collection/entry/analysis and have a lot of other general basic research experience. I did a lot of volunteer work with adverse populations in my undergrad but nothing I would consider clinical work (not really sure what others mean by that actually?). I graduated with a 3.8 GPA and my GRE scores are 156 V/154 Q (I know these are low but I am not sure how much higher I would be able to score if I retook it... Again...). I am mainly interested in research regarding minority mental health, specifically in trauma, substance use, and or risk/resilience, so if there are any programs I missed that may be good please let me know! Here's my list! (Clinical PhD's and 3 PsyD's) University of Rhode Island University of Arizona University of Nevada (Reno) University of North Dakota University of South Dakota University of Memphis University of Massachusetts (Boston) Louisiana State University University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Seattle Pacific University University of Wyoming Texas Tech University Baylor (PsyD) University of Indianapolis (PsyD) Rutgers University (PsyD) Are there any schools I should omit due to my stats or just in general? Thanks for any advice! I greatly appreciate it!
  10. Hi all, hopefully I am posting this to the correct place and not braking any rules by posting this here... I am planning to apply this upcoming cycle to clinical psych PhD's and I'm having trouble finding potential supervisors who match my interests. I was wondering if anyone knows any good schools that have may have labs or a POI who is researching refugee mental health. I've settled on a few schools (whom I've already sent emails to) who have a focus on minorities and substance use disorders which are also right up my alley but I really want to find more programs that work with refugees. In addition to my research interest a match to my stats would make sense to provide anyone who might be able to recommend me programs. I know I am not exactly top tier competitive but I have a 3.8 Undergrad GPA, GRE: 156 V, 153 Q (Low I know I'm trying to retake very soon). I have 3 research posters, a presentation, and I am co-author on a manuscript. I've worked in three research labs, one for 2 years another for 1 and the last one for a few months. I have quite a bit of experience with (qualitative and quantitative) data collection/entry/analysis and some other general research related experiences. I did a ton of volunteer/organization work with minority populations during undergrad but really no clinical work. For anyone who read all that, feel free to "what are my chances" to my stats as well!
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