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  1. UCLA's a quarter system school, so there's more academic terms and more classes to take relative to a semester system school. It's still a 2-year MPP, so I wouldn't judge a program purely based on its unit count. I did quarter system for undergrad and I'm now in a semester MPP program. I miss the breadth of the quarter system and the chance to take lots of different classes with different faculty, personally.
  2. I got in with no funding last year, and tried negotiating with a full-tuition scholarship from USC's Price School. No dice. Last year was a weird year and this year is also abnormal, so who knows. Hope you have better luck than me!
  3. Assuming you're on a desktop browser: View your post. Click the ellipsis in the top right corner. Click "Edit."
  4. One $ is generally equivalent to 25% of tuition.
  5. What exactly are you referring to...?
  6. Yup. I asked to be taken off the waitlist. I’m from CA and will be doing an MPP at USC with a full tuition scholarship, so it was pretty much a no brainer at this point.
  7. Goldman announced yesterday that they were delaying their commitment deadline to 4/30, pushed back from 4/15. Interesting to see how different schools are coping with the uncertainty.
  8. I don’t know much about SIPA or SAIS but maybe because they have a more explicit international focus?
  9. Some more discussion here on Reddit's law school admission subreddit re: this HKS MPP waitlist movement and what it could mean for law schools/waitlists generally. The 28% international student statistic is a really interesting one.
  10. The waitlist online form says: "...a place may become available for you later this spring or in early summer. We will have a better idea of your prospects for admission in late April or May, after admitted candidates have responded to our offer. We will notify you of any action on your application as soon as it is taken." Not the firmest of timelines, but understandably so.
  11. I got a full tuition scholarship for the USC Price MPP and... I find myself skeptical that an HKS MPP would be worth the debt/opportunity cost. But I haven't yet done the HKS research/drank the Kool-Aid yet. There's lots of debt discussions on Gradcafe from the last few years and I feel like consensus is generally that an MPP is not worth 100k+ in debt, no matter where it's from. That sounds pretty reasonable to me, having not done a ton of further research.
  12. Same. Would love to know how their enrollment/yield numbers are looking right now. It's probably causing a lot of deferrals, too. Or it's making students who got into HKS without much money choose another option with more funding. How much is the HKS brand worth if a chunk of your degree was over Zoom?
  13. My impression when speaking with GSPP students/alumni is that they're all open to connecting you with other people. So you're not only limited to who the school has made available. But sure, they have a vested interest in giving a platform to those with positive things to say. I'm a CA resident, so relative to getting an MPP at a private university with no scholarships on the table, Goldman would be an easy choice. The only problem is that private schools are (generally) more generous with aid, so I don't think that many people choose between a no-scholarship-Goldman option and a no-scho
  14. I'll chime in and say that I was really impressed by the online Admitted Student Event -- lots of content, and lots of questions answered/bases covered. Did it change or influence anyone's thinking so far?
  15. Thanks for your detailed answers, @darkroastgopher! Knowing that the ASE job hunt is a bit of a wild west helps set my expectations. Guess everyone needs to cast a wide net and hope that they get lucky. And I didn't know about the pedagogy class, so that helps me feel like I wouldn't be thrown to the wolves right off the bat. I tried to ninja-edit a third question before you started responding, but I think you were too fast What was one big takeaway that you got from the on-campus admitted student event last year, that you'd want to communicate to this year's prospective class? And mayb
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