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  1. Hey everyone, How does the current COVID-19 dilemma affect your decision making? I heard some school might be delaying their semester.
  2. Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate your points. 1- I do agree with that, but I have to say that even with the great network that SIPA offers, I felt a bit disappointed with the current alumni and even students. While at Jackson I managed to talk to 3 professors and 11 students. At SIPA, I needed to book appointments and beg for advice, and at the end I managed to talk to only two persons. Yes they are a lot, but are they helpful? I think one big advantage for Yale, is the World Fellows program, and the senior fellows. While in big programs you do get to create a very
  3. Hello, Aside from the corona virus dilemma that is affecting all of us, there are a lot of you who are going through tough decisions to make over the next 15 days. Now, that most of the acceptances/rejections are out. I thought that I would start a thread similar to this one. Folks can share what schools they are deciding between and what circumstances they are considering, as well as any other factors that are being considered. I'll lead off: Coming from: Syria, but residing in Germany. Deciding between: MA in Global Affairs (Yale) - tuition covered. MPA in Dev
  4. Hello, I hope you guys are all safe and having some good "home-office" time. I am writing to you to ask for your kind advice. I would really appreciate your help! I was recently admitted to the MA in Global Affairs at Jackson Institute, Yale and the MPA in Development Practice at SIPA, Columbia. I am an international student, with big dreams to pursue a career in international development. While both schools gave me really generous offers, and I feel so privileged to have to choose between both, after really not being able to be in a position of choice for all my life. However, I am
  5. So hopefully tomorrow it is!
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