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  1. Hey everyone, How does the current COVID-19 dilemma affect your decision making? I heard some school might be delaying their semester.
  2. Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate your points. 1- I do agree with that, but I have to say that even with the great network that SIPA offers, I felt a bit disappointed with the current alumni and even students. While at Jackson I managed to talk to 3 professors and 11 students. At SIPA, I needed to book appointments and beg for advice, and at the end I managed to talk to only two persons. Yes they are a lot, but are they helpful? I think one big advantage for Yale, is the World Fellows program, and the senior fellows. While in big programs you do get to create a very wide network, in a program like Jackson, you do get to have some personal interaction with people that are really influencing or have influenced the international politics. Still, I am debating which is more useful for me... I do come from a background of international development practice with over 7 years of experience. 2- While I also agree with your point, I am still thinking that being from Syria, and having the opportunity to be the first Syrian to study at an emerging program, could also mean that I would be able to experience more efficient ideas exchange, and inform this change and emergence of future possibilities in the program? I however, think that the concern about professional masters degree vs. an MA, very legit, and I will take that into consideration. 3- Totally agree. 4- Agree. I really appreciate your opinion! I will try to talk to some more students at SIPA and hear more about their journeys! I value your opinion.
  3. Hello, Aside from the corona virus dilemma that is affecting all of us, there are a lot of you who are going through tough decisions to make over the next 15 days. Now, that most of the acceptances/rejections are out. I thought that I would start a thread similar to this one. Folks can share what schools they are deciding between and what circumstances they are considering, as well as any other factors that are being considered. I'll lead off: Coming from: Syria, but residing in Germany. Deciding between: MA in Global Affairs (Yale) - tuition covered. MPA in Development Practice, Columbia SIPA - tuition covered. MA Development Studies (American University, DC) - 50% tuition Other factors: I know that the three schools are great and will boost my career in so many great ways, and I know that it is a privilege to have to decide between these amazing offers, but since I have a Syrian passport, I need to think more about my options after graduation. An MA from Yale can definitely support an American student to get into the state department or other governmental sector, but for an international student is it that useful? An MPA is heavily practical and NewYork is definitely a great hub for network, but will I be losing the academic sense of studies with heavily practical education. How I'm leaning: I am very much leaning towards the MA at Jackson. The program has more freedom, and I can obtain as much practical skills as I want, from the Yale School of Business or the management school. The community at Yale seems more supportive, while that at SIPA is more busy and life seems to hit them so hard in NYC that they don't find time to support (Or maybe I have such bad luck with SIPA students). However, I am worried that the most important factor of the masters degree is really the networking side of it. I do come with a technical experience for more than 8 years in development, but networking in a place with supportive faculty and alumni, would offer rather big opportunities.
  4. Hello, I hope you guys are all safe and having some good "home-office" time. I am writing to you to ask for your kind advice. I would really appreciate your help! I was recently admitted to the MA in Global Affairs at Jackson Institute, Yale and the MPA in Development Practice at SIPA, Columbia. I am an international student, with big dreams to pursue a career in international development. While both schools gave me really generous offers, and I feel so privileged to have to choose between both, after really not being able to be in a position of choice for all my life. However, I am really in need of communicating my fears. - I feel like while Jackson institute could be great for an American student who wants to proceed in diplomacy and work in the state department, for example, it would still not be as efficient as SIPA for an international student. Am I wrong in this assumption? - Do you think that Jackson would offer sufficient practical experience or would it be more theory-based? Do you think that an MA in Global Affairs can still boost someone's career in International Development vs Diplomacy? - New Haven vs New York: when it comes to networking, and finding internships? - Can I get IT, Cyber Security, Big Data Analysis, or more practical ID skills at Yale vs SIPA? I would really appreciate your answers and advice!
  5. So hopefully tomorrow it is!
  6. I'm dying. Hffffffff
  7. So nothing for today
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