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  1. Question: Who did you email to get this response? I am getting nervous that I still have not heard back.
  2. Lol this funding waiting game is stressing me out
  3. Yikes! I am still waiting on mine.
  4. Has everyone already received their aid? I still haven’t heard back yet.
  5. Everything happens for a reason! But I personally would go with American. Their MPP program is fairly comparable to GW. I would also look at your aid packages between the two schools to see which one has a lower overall cost of attendance if that plays a factor!
  6. Thank you! The portal updated ~5 but the email telling me to check the portal ~8 last night! Now to sit and wait for the funding email haha.
  7. Thank you!! Just a portal update, I was frantically refreshing the portal per usual and there it was!
  8. I heard back!! I got in with $$, more details to come~
  9. So I don't go crazy -- has anyone else heard back? Trying to figure out whether or not I should get my hopes up!
  10. Nothing for H yet -- This release system is sending my anxiety through the roof lol
  11. This is thrilling -- I may just be refreshing my application portal all day, but it is good to hear that the decisions are starting to roll out!
  12. Lol fingers crossed ~today~ is the day.
  13. Sooo.... has anyone else heard anything? Just trying to gauge whether or not I should anticipate hearing back tonight...
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