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  1. I decided to attend UW Evans on my side! I really liked all that they had to offer and I feel like with the MPA degree, I'll have better options for employment post graduation. I also think that Evans leads the anti-racism/inclusivity movement more than any other school I applied to which is why I want to go there more (I want to focus on socioeconomic issues between minority communities and how climate change/other environmental issues play a part in that). I also have heard from other students that they contacted the admissions team and asked if there was any other funding available. I
  2. Does anyone know what dates UW Evans plans their orientation stuff to be on?
  3. Have you received a response yet?
  4. I remember talking with admissions at SEAS before applying and they told me they would accept deferrals so that's an option too? But sad even the professor didn't know about the GSI positions. I hope you get a response you like soon enough!
  5. I think at other schools GSRA positions pay 2K monthly, no? Columbia really does offer great programs and fantastic network opportunities but whew that tuition is really high. I was in the same boat and ultimately declined my offer at Columbia since I just couldn't imagine taking out 100,000 dollars in loans especially for a one year program. It's really tough but regardless Columbia houses incredible programs.
  6. I also thought it was okay... I wasn’t swayed to take out lots of loans for this program though the program itself is very impressive. I didn't get the impression that GSI/GSRA positions were wildly available. It looks like everyone needs some sort of funding from SEAS so those positions, if open, would go quickly. Also, they already posted the GSI/GSRA positions for the fall if I remember correctly.
  7. Yeah I attended the funding webinar and they split us up into break out rooms to discuss specific case studies... the breakout room I was in really only discussed out financially stressed we all were... it makes me feel better that I’m not alone but also sad because I wish this wasn’t as costly as it is
  8. Hey! Yes, I received the Bren Admission letter after the email to check my portal and the Bren admission letter included funding.
  9. Now that admissions have been rolling out, I am curious to know where everyone is leaning towards and why?
  10. I got funding after the notification to check the portal! I believe the Bren School will send out admission letters themselves after we know we were accepted. Those admission letters can come with the notification of funding.
  11. Not sure about the non-facebook group chat but currently everyone is just introducing themselves on Facebook
  12. I am really liking what UW Evans has to offer. I have gotten the sense that they really value their students and want to move forward/lead the movement of inclusivity and diversity. Right now, UW Evans is my top choice but it's really going to come down to what each program has to offer.
  13. I remember choosing the environmental track in the application and it even had me choose a 2nd option and I did something along the lines of social justice. Oh man I didn't get anything like this but I hope it means they are really taking a look at you?
  14. @Theconfusedsoul I would agree with everything prokem has said. I do think that out of all the programs I at least applied to, UMich would be the destination to get some research experience though in some fashion. In the acceptance letter, it mentions some students opt for a thesis instead of the capstone project. Also, to those wondering about Bren admissions, I received funding with my letter of acceptance so perhaps they partitioned out admission decisions that way with the first wave getting some sort of funding offer? I have a friend who also applied UCSB and hasn't received a
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