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  1. HKS 2017

    Just got mine in the mail...
  2. HKS 2017

    I have not received mine. I got an email the first week of May stating that it should be out in 2-3 weeks. So I'm expecting it by the end of this month.
  3. Berkeley Goldman MPP 2017

    I will be pursuing a joint MPP at HKS and Master in Urban Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. It was a better fit. If it was just the MPP at HKS vs Goldman or MPA at WWS, I would've gone to Berkeley - The program, faculty, and students were phenomenal.
  4. Berkeley Goldman MPP 2017

    I declined the offer today. I had a generous package with full tuition + stipend. Hopefully that gets reallocated to you guys!
  5. Berkeley Goldman MPP 2017

    I really like the program and the students seem to be super smart and down to earth. However, I work and want to keep working in affordable housing and the other schools have great programs. I'm deciding between a joint MPP/urban planning degree at HKS/GSD (which would give me solid policy skills and stronger technical skills because of the urban planning degree) and a MPA at Woodrow Wilson. I want to work in DC after finishing my degree, so I think those two schools would be great to get connected. Also, WWS' financial package is amazing.
  6. Berkeley Goldman MPP 2017

    Are you going to admit day at the Woo, too? And I know, I'll probably be going to the East coast. I looked up the weather in both Boston and Princeton, and it's below 32 degrees. I'm from San Diego, so I'm definitely going to miss the sun.
  7. Berkeley Goldman MPP 2017

    I'm going up for admit day in April, but it's currently ranked 3rd in my mind. So, unless something magical happens, I won't be going and hopefully my fellowship will get offered to someone else.
  8. USC Price vs. GSPP

    You should talk to current/alumni from Goldman and get their opinion. I know a few... PM me and I'll connect you. Also, from what I understand, USC does a phenomenal job at connecting their students with jobs through their alumni network. If you're thinking of going back to LA, getting a degree from USC debt free would be my first choice.
  9. HKS 2017

    I received my letter today (Monday 3/13) in the mail.
  10. WWS MPA 2017

    Awesome. I'll look into it tonight and try to figure out logistics. I'll post on here and I'll pm you with details. If it's feasible and easier, then I'll post on here and see if anyone else is interested.
  11. WWS MPA 2017

    For those who got into both HKS and WWS ( @Palolem and @Nasty Woman) - Are you going to both admit weekends? If so, how are you planning on going from HKS to WWS? I'm coming from the west coast and am not sure if I should fly or rent a car and drive down. Thoughts?
  12. HKS 2017

    I got an email for the Sheila C. Johnson Fellowship.
  13. WWS MPA 2017

    MPA as well. Thanks!
  14. WWS MPA 2017

    Portal has not changed for me. Just received an email from Melissa Lyles saying I was accepted. Another email from the Dean and financial aid package will be sent out in the next few days...There's also a link to a google forum where you can connect with other admits. It seems a bit crazy, but given the size of the program, they may be sending them out one by one..
  15. WWS MPA 2017