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  1. Christ you are insufferable. Someone has happily committed to a school they are clearly excited about and you seemingly take pleasure in undermining that. Seriously, grow up. You went to ONE graduate school and for some unknown reason you act like you know the details of EVERY graduate school. @ls259 for what it is worth, I have three colleagues that went to Heller and must be making at least $150K the year out of school. Best of luck this coming fall. Enjoy yourself and make sure to take advantage of all the interesting opportunities you are going to have. And lastly, ignore insufferabl
  2. I am assuming you are a Brit? Do you want to stay in the US after graduation? If yes, go to Georgetown...the simple fact you are in DC gives you proximity to internships/consultancies that can ease your path to a post-graduation role that does not require visa sponsorship (i.e. World Bank, IFC etc.). Also, I know you say you are ignoring the finances, but I cannot emphasize this enough....go to whatever school is cheapest.
  3. Do the 2 year program as you will need a summer internship.
  4. Exactly - remember nonprofit is a large field. These places are trying to poach talent from top tier consulting firms, investment banking, and the federal government. Salaries reflect this focus. Obviously people going into these programs need to be realistic. If you are straight out of Peace Corps then you aren't getting 6 figures in the nonprofit space (think ~$50K). But if you have real work experience and you hustle you can get high salaries out of these programs. Lastly, before I get off my soapbox, I made an account on here because I regularly see programs (including mine) tra
  5. Almost certainly won't stay in the nonprofit space in the long term. But, I am happy in my current role for now. Yep, large 401(c)(3) located in a major city.
  6. @GradSchoolGrad Dude, did anyone ask you for your hot take? Seriously, you are insufferable. To the point that I literally made this account just to respond to this post. I have seen a couple of your posts, and I just want to make it clear to you (and every other person looking at grad schools) YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ALL SCHOOLS. Neither do you know everything about all industries. When I was looking at grad school this forum was a useful resource to share tips among applicants. Now you are transforming it into your own personal fiefdom where you pass off your hot takes o
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