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  1. Thank you for this perspective, I really appreciate it!!
  2. I received $17k/year at GWU (approx. 42%) and $13.6k/year at GT (25%). So I'd be paying around $45k and $82k for tuition and fees respectively. I asked GT for to reconsider my scholarship but they won't be able to give me a response until after the decision deadline. Career-wise, I'm interested in working with USAID or a non-profit development organization. Current students and alumni I've spoken with said I can expect a salary of mid-50s to low-60s when I graduate (although of course that can vary).
  3. Thank you for this perspective! I love love love the community and experience of my program at Georgetown, but I don't know if I can justify paying $35k more if the career outcomes are relatively similar. Agh!
  4. 35k would just be in terms of tuition/fees. The tuition/fees at Georgetown may go down (I'm having my scholarship offer reconsidered), but they won't give me an answer until after the deadline....any reason in particular why you say Georgetown?
  5. I know there are a bunch of posts like this, but I am trying to decide between the Global Human Development program at Georgetown SFS and the International Development Studies program at the GW Elliott School. I received scholarships from both, but Georgetown would be about $35k more. I love the GHD program and its community, but it's hard to choose over a much cheaper option. Georgetown seems to be more prestigious and rigorous, but is it worth it in the long run? Any insights are appreciated, thanks!
  6. Is anyone considering Georgetown vs. GW (or another similar school)? I'm wondering how much "better" Georgetown is compared to other schools, AKA is it worth the money? I'm going for international development.
  7. Hi! I used to live in Chicago and I definitely think it's more affordable than NYC. It's not super cheap, but it's better and you usually get more space for what you pay.
  8. Mega bummer 😢 Thanks for sharing this though, now I can stop refreshing my decision letter every hour waiting for scholarship info to pop up haha
  9. No news for me either...I didn't expect to get a ton of money by any means, but this is the only school I haven't gotten anything from so it surprises me a little bit.
  10. Welp, looks like no funding for me. Oh well, the thrill of getting in is enough haha
  11. Did your original letter update or was separate financial information posted?
  12. Yes! I don't think I'll go even if I get in, but it would feel really good to know that they want me haha
  13. Do we know if they'll include scholarship information in admissions letters (assuming it's not a rejection/waitlist lol)?
  14. I think today! But I have no reason for thinking that other than results from previous years...maybe we should all assume Monday to not get our hopes up to high
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