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  1. Accepted for the scholarship to study Russian in Kyrgyzstan! If anyone else applied to that region I'd love to connect!
  2. Does anyone know if the decision email will contain the decision? or does the email direct you to a portal to view the decision? I just need to be cautious today when opening my email and make sure I'm ready😅
  3. hahaa as nice as that sounds, they even said in the survey email that we should expect results "mid-to-late April". So we are probably looking at even later than the 15th. Maybe I'm just the pessimist here though😂
  4. I just checked my application portal and the info that used to be there (like my checklist, recommenders, transcript upload information) is gone. Anyone else? Wonder if that means they're done making decisions
  5. I applied for the scholarship to study Russian in Kyrgyzstan! I'm feelin super antsy and the wait is killing me too. I really hope they come out on the 15th and that they're not late. This decision really is determining my very near future😅
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