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  1. I got ad of chemical engineering MS from UCLA and CMU. It is a tough choice. I prefer to get a PHD in the same school after graduation. CMU has a higher ranking, better at process system engineering , which fits my interest. But the program is 1.5 years UCLA 's program is 2 years. And I have communicated a professor and decided the mentor for graduate program in UCLA. The professor is faculty in both chemical engineering department and ee department, which also fits my interest. I don't want to let the professor down.... Any good suggestion? Thanks.........
  2. Hard to say..Maybe Cornell is better, for it is Ivy League School and it is nearer since your location shows New Jersey...And for both colleges, it is hard to stay in the same school for PHD...............I got chemical engineering M.S. from cmu and ucla, Also a tough decision
  3. A&M is great, since it is easier to find a job in Texas
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