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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback! I totally hear you and I think that's very true. It's scarier because of the already horrible job market. I"m a bit afraid of how this will impact future trends in academia. Im in the process of workshopping my SOP and I feel a bit overwhelmed- not sure how or where to start since history SOPs in some programs tend to shorter and others much longer. Do you have any tips or links to any tips on the most important things to keep in mind while writing a history SOP?
  2. Hi everyone! I will be applying to PhD Programs with a focus on American history, particularly 19th and 20th century American history. My stats: 3.7 GPA from top-20 US university, 3.93 History Major GPA, MA in Political Theory with 3.8 GPA. Honors thesis, 3 faculty awards, and no publications. My brief interests ( i can expand if anyone wants) : Carceral state development, influence of American liberalism and neoliberalism on the expansion of carceral state. Schools interested in: Northwestern, Yale, Cornell, UMichigan, UW-Madison My questions: Are my stats too low? An
  3. Haha fair, alll my writers were from GU! I think where I messed up most is a low quant score for a quant heavy subfield like AP.
  4. Congratulations that's amazing!! Thanks for letting me know Im expecting a rejection tbh, but I'd love to hear any tips/suggestions as Im going to reapply. PS: Great username for someone in AP haha
  5. No problem!! I didn't hear so Im assuming I didn't get in. COngratulations though im so happy for you!! I'd love to hear your tips on what you think worked for you, as I"ll be reapplying
  6. To those who applied to Georgetown's government, any news yet from the AP subfield?
  7. Thank you!!! That makes me feel better I appreciate it.
  8. So I'm pretty sure my cycle ended with all rejections this time around. Probably because of low GREs and applying to AP even though my statements were more theory focused. I'm going to work on my applications again for next year. Someone told me that when I reapply to schools that rejected me once, they don't really consider your application properly again and it's kind of like you wasted your one chance. Is this true? Does anyone have success reapplying to schools that rejected them?
  9. haha it's okay, don't apologize!! This is your happy moment, you should be super proud
  10. literally same... but a part of me knows it's probably real. i dont get it, do people actually purposely post fake results? thats a lot of effort and for what...?
  11. Damn. Some Cornell and Georgetown acceptances out- do you guys know if they roll out decisions for all subfields at the same time?
  12. Congratulations!! Are you an international or local student?
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