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  1. This might be a shot in the dark, but: if anyone in this thread was accepted at Berkeley (congratulations!) but doesn't plan to attend, I would greatly appreciate if you could let them know ASAP. Signed, an anxious member of the waitlist.
  2. Anyone claim the NYU IFS History/French Studies waitlist from the results page?
  3. Question particularly for the already-attendings in the thread: I was waitlisted at a school that is now my top choice (got rejected from previous top choice). I was informed of my waitlist status by a professor on the AdComm and then received a follow-up email from my POI. I was told that the odds look good for me getting off the waitlist but that I might be in limbo until April 15. I responded to both of these emails thanking them for their consideration, reiterating my interest in the program, and promising to update them about my status over the next few months. Does anyone have any r
  4. Hey folks, I'm a little confused about what to do. Columbia seems to have sent out acceptances a few days ago via updates to portal. I didn't receive one, so I assumed myself to be rejected. Today, it seems like people are receiving emails to check their portals that contain rejection letters. I didn't receive one of those either. I've also checked the portal and have no status updates. I'm not sure how to interpret that information--should I contact the admissions office and ask about my status? I'm not sure if rejection letters are populated to the portal at the same time, but it doesn't str
  5. Congratulations! Were you one of the dual PhD admits? The results page seems pretty empty for decisions to have gone to all History admits today versus those in smaller combined programs.
  6. Does anyone have any ideas of how to respond to a waitlist email? I don't want to leave the profs who informed me hanging, but I'm not really sure what to say back.
  7. Anyone have any clue about UNC? They haven't started announcing decisions (even from POIs, not official) this late since 2016.
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