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  1. Just received the rejection email from Wisconsin. I know that there were some acceptances a bit back but when I contacted the department I was informed that acceptances would be sent out through this coming Friday. So, I was trying to maintain optimism. I had a Master's with a 3.96 GPA, submitted my Master's thesis as my writing sample, had a professor from Wisconsin edit my personal statement, had two others proof my personal statement, and three great LORs. I had an average GRE score set. I really don't know what to think after that rejection. I had talked to each prospective professor to wo
  2. I’m rather down about the implicit rejection. I thought I stood a pretty good chance after speaking with potential advisors who seemed interested in my proposed area of study. My only weak spot was my GRE but I wasn’t too concerned as I was told it wasn’t even considered for the program.
  3. Congrats! I don’t see an email so I hope I receive one by the end of the week.
  4. I don’t suppose anyone has heard anything from Wisconsin yet, have they?
  5. For people wondering about self-care ideas, I have found yoga to be incredibly relaxing at a medium-intensity level. Higher intensity yoga is more of a faster paced workout that is enjoyable as well. Take a sixty minute class and just leave it on the mat.
  6. I really appreciate the information that @psstein and @OHSP provided. I hope that my focus area is interesting to the admissions committee. I am also hoping that the one faculty member that I hope to work under returns to the UW beginning in the Fall term. Although, I would be happy to work with any of the three faculty members that I spoke with before submitting my application. Regarding the funding aspect of things, I have four years of my GI Bill to cover a good portion of my time as a PhD student.
  7. I applied to the American History PhD program at Wisconsin. Back near the middle of December they sent an email to all applicants informing them that they received over 200 applications. Would you assume that is just over 200, closer to 250, or just shy of 300? I read in another thread that last year they sent acceptance notifications around February 11th. For those admitted to the UW last year, what was your CV, in a nutshell?
  8. Hello All, I just discovered this forum and wanted to introduce myself briefly. I did my undergrad work in Poli Sci at Wisconsin and graduated in 2010. I completed my Master’s in Secondary Education in 2015 at Edgewood. I applied to Wisconsin for 2020. I taught for some time at the middle school and HS level in history, poli sci, and also worked with special education students. I served in the US Navy for twelve years. I have volunteered for my local government for three years and continue to do so. I am the Vice Commander for my local American Legion Post. UG GPA: 3.0 Grad
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