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  1. Hey Bailey, I am currently at Georgia State right now, but I am in the Research, Measurement and Statistics program. My grad GPA is 3.96 (master's in education from FSU) and my GRE scores were pretty low (I don't test well and have horrible anxiety). V: 151 Q: 155 AW: 4.0 I also applied to UGA but got rejected. Hope that helps!
  2. I just heard back from University of Georgia today by checking the status of my application and it said "Application Denied." *sigh* I wish I got an email or something to follow-up with their decision.
  3. Hey everyone, I applied to University of Georgia's PhD program in educational policy studies and administration. I applied back in December 14th and still have not heard anything from them. I called back in February and was told I'd hear from them within the next couple weeks and got nothing from them. I was really hoping to go there, but alas...Anyone else in my shoes?
  4. Hi! Where did you end up going? I applied to a couple of educational policy programs myself just now. I got into the Georgia State's program but I'm waiting to hear from UGA.
  5. Hey everyone, I just got accepted into a PhD program in educational policy studies and I was wondering how to go about asking for a stipend or an assistantship. I'm not sure what the protocol is on going about and asking in a polite way. Thanks!
  6. Has anyone here applied to University of Georgia's Educational Policy program for PhD? I applied and haven't anything so far.
  7. I have applied to the following two programs: Georgia State University: Educational Policy University of Georgia: Educational Policy I applied in December but haven't heard back as of yet! I called the admissions office at UGA and they told me that I should hear back within a couple of weeks. I have to be in Georgia, which is why I only applied to two programs.
  8. Hey everyone, I just submitted my Ph.D. application for the University of Georgia and I'm already feeling anxious. I really want to get into this program and I think I'm a good fit (I've tried to argue why I'm a good fit as much as I could in my SoP). However, I did horrible on the GRE (147Q; 151V; 4.0 AW) and did not have enough time to re-take it. I do have a 3.96 GPA in my master's program in education at FSU (Florida State) and I made sure to submit a strong paper I wrote on a policy, but I still have the weight of my GRE score and my undergrad GPA (it was a 2.51). What can I d
  9. I'll send anyone virtual brownies for any piece of advice! Is it possible to retake the GRE after submitting your application? Should I be worried about my scores considering that I'm applying to a Ph.D. program at a non-Ivy League school?
  10. Hey everyone, I am applying to a Ph.D. program in educational policy at a non-Ivy League school. I have always done horrible on standardized tests and I took the test for the second time today and did awful. The first time I took it was in September where I made a 147 in verbal and a 155 in quant with a 4.0 AWA. Today I made a 147 in quant (I have no idea how that happened) and 151 in verbal. I do have a 3.96 GPA from Florida State University where I did my MS in education. I also think I'll have some pretty strong LOR. I'm currently a high school science teacher and I have been teaching
  11. Is there anyone on this forum that has a PhD in educational policy? If so, what do you do in terms of a job? I'm interested in educational policy and debating on whether I should apply to a PhD program but I'm not sure if it's worth it considering that it might be very competitive to get a job afterwards(that is, working for the Georgia DOE or working as a college professor). I would like to talk to someone who already has it and weigh the pros and cons. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, I was wondering how other people wrote their "thank you" notes after an interview. Is there something that I should add in my 'thank you' note aside from a simple "thanks?" Speaking of thanks, thanks in advance for those who can help me out with this
  13. Yea, I know it was awful Sorry about your Skype interview.
  14. I had an interview today and I have a feeling that I'll get rejected. One of the faculty members said that I don't have enough teaching experience and both of them were giving me other research projects that I could be interested in and names of other faculty members. I basically did not talk much throughout the interview. I don't know if that's a good sign. Also, I basically froze throughout the interview and I was unable to speak intelligently. *sigh*
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