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  1. It is honestly quite a negative experience to have to wait this long for a decision. I'm still waiting on the Ed Policy PhD program, and at this rate, I'm only going to have a few weeks before April 15th to make a decision for where I'm going.
  2. Admissions and PI both let me know about being on the waitlist. I don't think it could hurt to reach out to your PI!
  3. I am also waitlisted at a school I'd strongly consider if admitted. I sent a note to my PI to reiterate my interest. It would definitely scramble my decision-making if I got in so I'm not too sure how to deal with it.
  4. Unfortunately no luck for me. I've also been in touch with admissions who said my application is still under review. And last year someone from my program didn't get an acceptance until the end of March, so I'm not holding my breath. It's just frustrating because I want to make a decision sooner rather than later, as I will be moving across the country for any of my schools and would like to be able to start planning for it.
  5. Congrats everyone getting acceptances! Still waiting here. My last name is toward the front of the alphabet so clearly that isn't the way they send out letters 😂
  6. Got waitlisted at NYU today for the PhD in Sociology of Education program. No timeline on final decisions. Happy it's not a rejection though!
  7. Just spoke to the admissions office about timeline for Ed Policy PhD decisions. They expect decisions to go out in the next 2 weeks, no more than 3. If anyone else is anxious about the timing it won't hurt to call
  8. I'm not sure. From looking at last year's results, it seems like they either went out the same day or one day apart, but both in the same week.
  9. I think decisions are coming soon. I'm a Stanford staff member and can access "locked" webpages, and I noticed that from yesterday to today the PhD admitted students day page (which is hidden from those without a Stanford login) was updated to have this year's dates and info. Hoping for good news soon for all of us!
  10. Does anyone know if decisions usually come out at different times by concentration area? I'm getting so antsy
  11. Any insider info for this year's admissions timeline? :D
  12. I noticed that the GSE website says that doctoral decisions go out in mid-February. Does anyone have any idea if/when they conduct interviews? And/or when "mid-February" actually is? I tried calling the admissions office today to ask but couldn't get through.
  13. I also didn't get accepted, but I was expecting that at this point. Still waiting to hear back from many programs and have one acceptance already, so I'm in pretty high spirits
  14. Looks like the results are coming in. Congrats to everyone who was admitted!
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