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  1. In at USC with what appears to be no funding (unless this is some kind of cruel joke). It looks like everyone else here got their funding notices in the initial letter, so it's tough to feel great about this outcome. Still awaiting UCLA. I'm absolutely certain a masters is urban planning is not worth $45k a year.
  2. What? May? How is that even possible. I too was told March when I asked.
  3. I too am in the waiting for USC and UCLA boat...although USC definitely hits different given how many others have already heard back. I heard a rumor that their central transcript processing office (one office for all grad programs at the university) got completely zerged this year, resulting in a messy, delayed process for more than a few of us. I sent in a few transcripts from different universities, so my hunch is that they may have had some admin issues tracking them all down for those of us with more than one to process. Who knows though....as for UCLA, early to mid-March is on target for
  4. I might be completely off-base here, but I know many schools do not offer financial aid or funding to international students for professional masters programs like planning. This might be university-specific, though. I just know it's difficult/impossible to qualify as an international student for the sorts of federal loans most universities in the states tend to offer. Academic scholarships on the other hand might be more readily available.
  5. A good friend of mine (in planning gschool currently) got a large merit package from a university. He used this as leverage to get money from the two other (higher ranked) schools where he was admitted and did not receive aid. He sent them proof of this package as requested, and his offers at those two schools increased significantly. I think if you have a good offer somewhere, but you'd ideally like to attend elsewhere, this strategy works. At the end of the day, all of these schools want us to attend, and if you were admitted, they absolutely want to do what they can to get you there (within
  6. How many of you fine folks are still awaiting USC results? Starting to get hyper anxious as it seems several dean's merit admissions have come out already. I just want to get a feel for how many of us have still yet to hear back. It's my first choice (one of only two schools I applied to) in the city I've been living and working in for five years now. I'm intimately familiar with the program, campus, and even have friends currently in the program (who were all very confident about my application). It seems like they were emailing instead of updating the portal, but there doesn't seem to be any
  7. Very interesting and kind of irregular...in the past years, I believe they would email you to check the portal, then snail mail you any Dean's Merit info shortly thereafter. Was it from a Professor or Sarah Esquivel? I'm with planningfor2021 here, super anxious to hear back on USC as it's one of two schools I applied to, and my top choice. Thanks for the insight and huge congrats to you! I have a close friend in the program right now and he loves it. Hopefully the vaccine roll-out will happen in full by August so campus can re-open.
  8. Posted in the wrong forum (public policy) months ago - finally found my people! Very anxiously awaiting my results, so posting here to help out my fellow neurotics. Good luck everyone!! Age/Gender/Citizenship: 29/M/US Undergraduate degree/School/Year graduated BA in IR from well-regarded private university in DC, 2014 GPA - GRE - TOEFL (for Int'l students) 3.2-3.3 cumulative (due to extenuating circumstances), depending on how they calculate it. Wrote a brief academic addendum to address this. GRE Score: waived this year Work Experience: ~8 year
  9. Hi folks, Just to be clear, I am applying to urban planning programs. Did not see any threads for planning, but since these programs are offered through the public policy schools of the universities I am applying to, I figured I might be in the right place. Feel free to set me straight. My anxiety is somewhat high, which is why I am sure most of us are here. Undergraduate institution: Well-regarded private university in Washington DC (studied IR)Undergraduate GPA: 3.18-3.3 cumulative, depending on how they calculate it. I had one semester of all A's from a summer term at UVA + m
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