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  1. Yeah, Michigan offered me $9K over 3 semesters (rather than 4 since I am doing a dual degree with SEAS MLA) and the MLA offered like $23K. It's the school I've been the most excited about, and because its a state-school, if I can get a GSI/GSRA position, they offer a full tuition waiver for those, but its hard to commit to that when I don't know if I even will get one. I really want to go to Michigan, as it is the only school so far that I've been admitted to for both L. Arch and Planning, making it possible for me to pursue that path. They also are the only ones who have offered me money
  2. If you applied to Michigan, I checked my portal and received my admissions decision. They didn't send an email but I got in. On the note, it says information to follow in an email in the next few days.
  3. I'm finishing up undergrad right now and we're technically not allowed to leave the city my university is in. we don't even have a spring break this year... I wish I could visit schools, I feel like it will be hard to commit to a school if I've never visited the city before... but thankfully, I've seen most of the schools I applied to (some while I was applying to undergrad) so that helps. but I haven't ever been to one of the schools I was admitted to and I'm nervous about that.
  4. I got that too... I hate when they send out non-related emails while we're waiting for decisions.
  5. so someone just posted another USC acceptance... I'm skeptical bc it says S21... wouldn't that be this semester? Anyone heard anything?
  6. all mine thus far have been via email (granted I've only heard from Berkeley and Penn) and have said that official notification will come later, or in Berkeley's case, that it is still pending graduate division confirmation. I think the only reason I heard from Berkeley this early is because I applied to concurrent degrees there, and one was releasing results.
  7. 10 minutes after Berkeley CP rejected me, I was emailed that I got into Masters of Landscape Architecture- Environmental Planning (I applied concurrently), so that made me feel a bit better. Thank you for your kind words @cigkofte92and @planningfor2021
  8. just got rejected from berkeley. not surprised but still hurts.
  9. if we didn't get any sort of notification by berkeley can we assume waitlist/rejection? i know they rarely take straight from undergrad but i applied to a concurrent degree program in CED. it was my top choice, so i'm just trying to figure out how to manage my emotions/be able to compartmentalize and move onto the next notification.
  10. Age/Gender/Citizenship 22/F/US Undergraduate degree/School/Year graduated BA in Architecture/Washington University in St. Louis/2021 GPA - GRE - TOEFL (for Int'l students) 3.4 Work Experience: research at environmental field station, vacant land reutilization intern for city organization, Letter of recommendations: (from whom) director of scholars program/ landscape arch prof (that I did research with)/ landscape arch prof/ writing prof I TA for Schools applied to: USC, Berkeley, UPenn, Michigan (all to the dual degree with Landscape Archi
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