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  1. I spoke to one of the MURP Grad Advisors back in August or September of last year and I got the impression from him that the Admissions Office was not having the easiest time working virtually. They deal with a lot of physical mail so I think they hadn't quite had a system in place to run as smoothly as they liked. He didn't really confirm whether this would delay decisions, but since then I've always just figured I'd hear sometime by around mid/end of March. Similarly, after I sent in my department application to the Cal Poly Pomona Admissions Committee I asked when to expect a decision (t
  2. Personally, I found some of the deepest insight was looking into a specific city and reading about the planning/urban history there. If you're not from or not planning to go to school in a big city or at least a town/city/region with a deep history and canon, just choose one you have an affinity for. Here are some I've read: LA: City of Quartz by Mike Davis Bay Area: American Babylon by Richard O. Self; The Road to Resegregation by Alex Schafran; City for Sale by Chester Hartman NYC: There Goes the Hood by Lance Freeman
  3. The program at SJSU, from what I gathered, seems a bit like a factory to get you what you need to know to be a planner and get you out in the field. I don't mean that in a bad way, it's highly practical. I just mean that in contrast to schools like Cal and UCLA which are probably just as (if not more) concerned with the program's contributions to the planning field's body of academic work. The CPP website is straight out of like 2009 haha. Somehow, Columbia's also somehow manages to channel 2009 looking like it tried to imagine 2099 with those colors and font choices lol: https://www.arch.c
  4. Oh yeah definitely, I'm fairly realistic about the whole thing I just rarely hear people discuss those schools online and I can't imagine I'm the only one who doesn't want to pay $25-50k per year like most of the other schools I see named on here (not to loan shame anyone! haha) so was just curious if anyone else had them towards the top. Cheers!
  5. Is anyone here seriously considering Cal Poly Pomona or SJSU? I don't really hear either talked about much but I have a friend who works for LA Metro and CPP is a big feeder school into LA City and County agencies. And I've talked to a ton of alumni at SJSU + grad advisor/faculty and got the same impression for SJSU and Bay Area City/County agencies. I've talked to faculty, the grad advisor, and alumni at CPP too and it seems like a great program. The campus is also really nice, if far from LA. Was curious if either school is in anybody's top choices? For CA schools as much as I'd love to
  6. Finally rejected from Cal haha! I've more or less been anticipating this. I really only applied because the GRE was waived so no sweat luckily. I would've gone to SJSU over Cal if given the choice due to SJSU's affordability and flexibility, but still would've been happy to have got in! Congrats to all those who did and whose first choice it is! Luckily SJSU and CPP are both hedges for the option to choose between Northern and Southern California. I would personally love to get into UCLA, sort of fell in love with their program, but I wonder if my background is more Cal State than esteemed
  7. Hey, no harm no foul so long as you got into your top choice. I'm sure it sucks but what made you a great fit at UNC might not have at USC. And perhaps they saw your background and interests as going in a different direction away from what they offered or what they want. It's not always just ability/aptitude. I look at it like NFL draft sometimes. Sometimes sure fire players get passed up on because they don't fit with what the team needs. It's not that the team thinks they're bad, they just are looking for something else. Luckily, you found your #1 team!
  8. I went from checking every hour of every day in November (why did I do that? I dont know lol), to not caring too much when worked picked up in Dec/Jan to now being irrationally angry (how long does it take???) so I think you could say I've hit each stage of application grief. Anyone know when UCLA's supposed to get back? Berkeley sent an email saying if you don't hear from us by 03/05 reach out (so we can deny you to your face haha). But UCLA's been pretty silent. Hope everyone else is hanging in there!
  9. SJSU got back to me very early! No assistance but the whole program is less than a year at one of the UCs!
  10. Hello all! My first collective sigh of relief after submitting my applications is here. Now time to hold my breath for the next 4 months as I wait to hear. I wanted to restart this post for this year, and what a strange year it is. Copying the format from last year's thread, for future MURP/MCP/MUP hopefuls where they posted all the info as applicants, and updated as the weeks and months went by. Good luck to all and stay positive! Age/Gender/Citizenship 27/M/US Undergraduate degree/School/Year graduated BA in Int'l Relations / run of the mill Cal State school
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