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  1. Some schools do not utilize ranked waitlists because they want a well-rounded class, meaning they take into consideration who has already accepted the offer when deciding who to admit from the waitlist. But you should certainly inquire since many do rank their waitlists. I know, being waitlisted must be so frustrating. If at April 15 you haven't been removed from the waitlist, you may want to enroll at another school and then withdraw if you do end up getting off the waitlist, this does happen fairly frequently. But still so hard to make decisions!
  2. I feel like me commenting here earlier might have made some of you worried that admissions committees regularly lurk here, but I honestly don't think that's the case. Most adcoms are made up solely of faculty, and they just don't have the time to be teaching their full courseload, reviewing admissions for new students, and living their own lives, to be hanging around here! I love working in grad admissions (vs. undergrad) because the faculty make the decisions and that makes me I feel like I can be an honest advocate for applicants and students without any conflict of interest. I do volun
  3. This really depends on how scholarships and financial aid are handled at the particular institution. At our school, the chairs and program directors handle the scholarship offers because it is all based on merit. For schools that consider financial need, then it may be different, though usually it is the merit funding that I think can be negotiated rather than the need-based funding that is likely allocated based on a needs analysis formula. In general, if you feel like the scholarship offer was determined by the chair, program director, or faculty admissions committee and not by the fina
  4. Oh I think you are fine! I think many faculty are open to communicating with applicants, especially if you have connected with them previously. My advice was generally for those that are really hesitant to reach out AT ALL. It sounds like your PI is interested in you and totally willing to discuss, so that's great! I hope your meeting with them tomorrow goes well 🙂
  5. I work at an Ivy in admissions and financial aid, and we did see an increase in app numbers this year across our programs, a bit higher in planning than in others. From what I can tell, the gains for planning were mostly due to 1) GRE being waived, and 2) MIT not accepting apps (but I think that is more likely to increase our enrollment rate, not the app rate). We did NOT see the kind of spike in app numbers that we did after 2008 recession, so I don't think the economy weighed in too much as far as apps increasing, at least not in our professional programs. Though, some schools may accept few
  6. Ah, I'm glad you reached out and they were able to accommodate you! Speaking from my 10 years of experience in grad admissions and financial aid, I can tell you that we really do want to accommodate the applicants (and especially admitted candidates) any way that we are able to, but sometimes our hands are tied by a particular timeline or policy.
  7. As a lurker from an admissions office (not one of the schools you mentioned), I just wanted to see if the school that is asking you for a decision by March 15 is possibly part of the Council of Graduate Schools Resolution on April 15th; see the member list here: https://cgsnet.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/CGS_April15_Resolution_Oct2020Revision.pdf If you have been offered any amount of scholarship from the school and they are part of the CGS Resolution, they cannot demand a decision from you before April 15. Also, for our planning program, our faculty admissions committee chose to st
  8. I just wanted to make sure that you knew about the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Resolution - it states that the CGS member schools CANNOT require an applicant to give a decision before April 15th if they are being offered financial aid (scholarships), and Temple is a member of CGS, so if you were offered a scholarship of any kind, you should have until April 15th to decide.... http://cgsnet.org/april-15-resolution
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